Hwanhee flexes biceps in While Doing MV

One-half of Fly to the Sky, Hwanhee unleashes the MV for While Doing, the title track from his second solo album H-Hour.

POPEYE: ‘Say hello to my (not so) little friends.’

The song doesn’t quite do anything for me, but the MV sure did catch my attention. Hwanhee shows off his killer biceps…but whoa, the man’s gotta stop guzzling those protein shakes for a bit.

While we do appreciate toned and sculpted physiques, Hwanhee’s arm muscles seem a wee bit too huge for his (now tiny) frame. The 28-year-old singer looks like he’s about to topple over anytime with those bazookas on. See for yourself below.

I love you Hwanhee, but don’t you think you’re overdoing it a little on those hammer curls? 😛

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