Malaysian Kpop fans want 2PM

After a simple survey conducted at, 2PM emerged as the most-wanted group to perform live in Malaysia.

WANTED: 2PM (above) is the most-wanted act by Malaysian kpop fans

We conducted the survey for 15 days beginning Aug 7, and received 1,049 votes. Participants could vote for more than one act, which included popular bands such as Wonder Girls, Big Bang and Kara.

As things turned out, JYP Entertainment’s 2PM emerged tops by garnering a total of 361 votes (34%). The group’s Malaysian fans, who call themselves MYHottest, sure has a very tangible presence in cyberspace.

Coming in second with 297 votes (28%) is YG Entertainment’s Big Bang. It looks like there’s also a substantial number of VIPs (fans) in Malaysia.

The third most-wanted kpop act by Malaysian fans is SHINee with 287 votes (27%), thanks to Malaysian Shawols.

You’ll notice that the top three most-wanted acts are male idol groups. What about the girl groups, you ask?

The two leading contenders are the Wonder Girls and Sonyeoshidae (SNSD a.k.a Girls’ Generation). SNSD bagged 248 votes (23%) while the Wonder Girls trail behind them with 221 votes (21%).

Thank you to all our readers who participated in the survey. Hopefully, it’ll be a good indicator for event organizers who are contemplating on which Kpop act to bring to Malaysia next :).

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