MTV World Stage (VIP area)

MTV World Stage – we were there!

Thanks to MTV Asia, Liz and Orchid got VIP passes to the MTV World Stage at Sunway Lagoon on 31 July 2010. Here’s Orchid’s account of the event.

It was wet, but not so wild at the almost 6-hour long marathon concert. Why not so wild? There were only four acts, namely BUNKFACE, WONDER GIRLS, TOKIO HOTEL and KATY PERRY but the concert ran for six long hours! Due to the rain, there were technical difficulties and it took forever for the crew to set up the stage for each act. They played MTV videos in between the acts, but the intervals just got way too long man. It must have gotten really hot, wet and smelly at the non-VIP area too. Poor concert goers also had to buy expensive mineral water (at RM5 per bottle) and food. Some started queuing to get front and center at noon!

At the VIP and VVIP area, MTV provided free flow of food and drinks so it was at least bearable. They served Korean barbecue chicken sticks (from the Street Cafe), satay, Indonesian fried rice, roti canai (the out of a box kind), soft drinks and dessert. The most useful item provided however, was a cool MTV World Stage plastic poncho that kept most of us dry throughout the rainy evening.

Due to the rain, the giant LCD screen on stage got short-circuited. There wasn’t any LCD display when the Wonder Girls came to do their set! Awww….but they bravely performed and not many noticed the technical hiccup at first. However, they had to do their last song – NOBODY again right at the end, when Katy Perry finished her set – for tv recording purposes I assumed. Energy was low and even the MTV VJs had already left the concert (to go to the after party at a club nearby) by then. The crowd that stayed right up to the end however, got a very warm farewell from the lovely Wonder Girls. Sun the leader promised that they will come back to Malaysia for a full-fledged concert soon. Oh yes please!!!

No DSLR’s allowed, so all pictures taken on my iPhone.

Venue: Sunway Lagoon – as usual, they drained out the wave pool for us to partayyyy!

@LizKpopped & @chodixxon observing the
long queue outside Sunway Lagoon entrance

Awww….rain rain go away!

Picnic-like atmosphere at the VIP & VVIP areas Free flow of food and drinks! Yay!

@LizKpopped eating, and watching Wonder Girls LIVE!
Can you beat that? (ok nah, she wasn’t eating when they came on)

Keeping dry in plastic ponchos – it rained all night…


Katy Perry was the icing on the cake. Everyone got a sugar-high when she came on…


BUY MTV World Stage t-shirts and slippers
at the merchandise tent

What was it like for YOU at the concert? Did you have a good time? Tell us your experience…did you get trampled on? Did you buy expensive food? Did you start queuing at noon? Were you the one who caught Katy Perry’s tutu? 😉

More on MTV World Stage and a full review of Wonder Girls’ set coming soon…

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