Fugitive Plan B in City of Dreams, Macau

Did you catch episode 7 of Rain’s Fugitive Plan B? What caught my attention while watching that particular episode was that it was filmed in Macau.

I could spot most of the places featured in the show because I had the opportunity to visit Macau in Oct 2010 :).

PhotobucketROMANCE: Jini (Lee Na-young, left) and Kai (Daniel Henney) go on a date near the ruins of St. Paul’s church

On top of that, I was also invited for a tour of City of Dreams (CoD), one of the newest integrated entertainment resorts in Macau. As things turned out, CoD is also a location sponsor for the drama.

PhotobucketCITY OF DREAMS: One of Macau’s newest integrated entertainment resorts

The heart of the resort is an entertainment center that is surrounded by three hotels, namely Hard Rock Macau, Grand Hyatt and Crown Towers. Connecting these facilities is The Boulevard, a shopping heaven that boasts the hippest and poshest brand names around.

CoD’s most talked-about production is the water-based show called The House of Dancing Water. The HK$2bil production, which was created and directed by Franco Dragone, is performed on a stage that converts from a large swimming pool into a solid stage in about 3 minutes.

PhotobucketDANCING WATER THEATER: An amazing stage that converts from a swimming pool to a solid stage floor – and vice versa – easily

In the drama, the purpose-built Dancing Water Theater was featured. It was where Kai (Daniel Henney) brought Jini (Lee Na-young) for a special private performance during their date. It was also where Jiwoo (Rain) caught them sharing a kiss.

PhotobucketSMOOCH: Kai (Daniel Henney, left) & Jini (Lee Na-young) kiss at the Dancing Water Theater

And then, of course, we saw Detective Dosoo (Lee Jung-jin) talking on the phone at the Hard Rock Macau lobby while hunting Jiwoo down. And who could forget that wet and wild fisticuff scene between Jiwoo and Dosoo towards the end? It was filmed at the Hard Rock Macau swimming pool.

PhotobucketKERRR-POW!: Jiwoo (Rain, in the air) & Dosoo (Lee Jung-jin) fight it out at the Hard Rock Macau pool

On August 24, the director and cast of Fugitive Plan B held a press conference at Grand Hyatt in CoD. Director Kwak Jung-hwan said: “City of Dreams is one of the most upscale and popular entertainment resorts in Macau, so it is our best choice when we considered shooting at the ‘Las Vegas of the Orient’.

PhotobucketFUGITIVE PLAN B CAST (left to right): Lee Jung-jin, Rain, Lee Na-young, Yun Jin-seo & Daniel Henney

“We are amazed at the wide diversity of contemporary urban interiors and exciting vibrant scenarios at City of Dreams which really add to the dynamic context of our TV series,” he added.

Here’s a look at some of the filming locations in CoD, Macau.

PhotobucketSHOPPING, ANYONE?: Rain takes a stroll along The Boulevard.


DOWN TIME: Lee Jung-jin (left) and Rain goof about at the Hard Rock Macau lobby

PhotobucketWHAT’S NEXT, BOSS?: Rain (right) discusses the next scene with director Kwak Jung-hwan at the lobby of Hard Rock Macau

PhotobucketDID I GET IT RIGHT?: Daniel Henney (second from left) at the Grand Hyatt Persidential Suite.

PhotobucketWHAT’S WRONG WITH MY PANTS?: Lee Na-young (left), Rain (center) and director Kwak Jung-hwan at the VIP Crystal Lounge in Crown Towers.

ROCK STAR: (Above & below) The Jacky Cheung Rock Star Suite in Hard Rock Macau


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