Fugitive Plan B

Fugitive Plan B

Fugitives on the run. Rain and Lee Na-young in matching white outfits

Malaysian’s are watching Rain‘s latest drama Fugitive Plan B on KBS World TV (Astro channel 391). The drama comes on every Wednesdays and Thursdays and last Thurs, they screened episode 6.

What do you think of the drama?

Besides the two top Korean actors Rain and Daniel Henney – both well known for eye candy, there is really nothing much to attract the viewer. The plot’s haphazard and one dimensional. It is not gripping enough to make you want to continue watching, and not miss a single episode.

Korean viewers however, have found a new reason to watch the drama…or so it was reported on Naver. They are smitten to Rain, Daniel Henney and Lee Na-young‘s well proportioned bodies in excellently tailored clothes! Yes, it’s a feast to the eyes for the fashion enthusiast – again, eye candy.

Are you following the drama. If yes, what are your reasons for watching it?

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