Kim Hyun-joong in Malaysia as The Face Shop ambassador

Kim Hyun-joong, the latest ambassador of Korean beauty brand The Face Shop (TFS), appeared to the Malaysian press at the Ritz Carlton in Kuala Lumpur on Dec 4.

TFS has 900 stores in 90 countries including Korea. Malaysia is the second largest foreign partner of TFS, after China.

PhotobucketGIFT: Kim Hyun-joong (right) receives a souvenir from S.J. Ong, general administration manager of The Face Shop Malaysia

Hyun-joong, who is known for his role in the highly-popular drama Boys Over Flowers and as the leader of boyband SS501, strolled into the press room dressed in a beige suit.

The star looked tired and a little spaced out. Nonetheless, he greeted the press saying, “A very good morning to everybody, this is my second time in Malaysia. I was here briefly the first time, and thanks to TFS Malaysia and Korea, I get the chance to visit Malaysia again.”

PhotobucketPARDON?: ‘Yes, I’m tired…look, I even forgot to put on my socks!’

When the topic of Malaysia’s warm, tropical weather came up, Hyun-joong said: “Korea is very cold now since it’s winter. I was thinking how great it would be if my fans in Malaysia got a chance to visit Korea to experience a white Christmas.”

The talent also launched TFS’s Christmas campaign: Love the Season, Love The Face Shop, which features the spanking new White Tree Snow gift pack.

PhotobucketMERRY CHRISTMAS!: Hyun-joong launches the White Tree Snow gift pack, a skin brightening treatment

During the Q&A session, the 24-year-old provided “politically correct” answers to most of the questions thrown at him, but one query stumped the star. He was asked how he felt being one of the most gorgeous and handsome men around.

Hyun-joong niftily avoided answering the question the first time and when asked again, he was speechless…and shy. How sweet.


RECOMMENDATION: ‘Use this to look as gorgeous as me!’

The star, who has flawless skin, then spoke about his fave product from TFS. “The facial product I like the most is the Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Foam (Migamsu) for cleansing, and also the White Tree Snow, which I have been using.

“I also know that the mask pack is popular among Malaysians…I use that too,” he added.

The singer-cum-actor also shared his beauty regimen before hitting the sack. “I’ll take a shower first. After that, I’ll put on some skin lotion. Next, I’ll put on a mask pack for moisturization and rehydration.”

Before the PC came to an end, the talent was asked whether he would choose TFS products or his guitar if he were stranded on a deserted island.


GUITAR OR TFS PRODUCTS?: ‘Can I bring my swim shorts instead?’

The Hallyu star cleverly replied: “If there’s a possibility of being rescued, I would choose TFS products. But if there isn’t any possibility of being rescued, I would choose my guitar so I can entertain myself.”

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