Big Bang, 2AM and Miss A in Malaysia?

As reported earlier regarding a possible plan to bring Big Bang to Malaysia, events management company, Marctensia has just recently created an event on FB as a market survey to gauge whether or not there are sufficient fans of Big Bang, 2AM and Miss A in Malaysia to conduct another KPop concert with the aforementioned idol groups.

Malaysian VIPs will be delighted to get to catch Big Bang in the flesh!

Although the current mix of groups is a little peculiar with 2AM and Miss A being under JYP Entertainment and Big Bang under YG Entertainment (unlike the previous KPop concert which Marctensia was involved in where both 4 Minute and B2st were under the same company), many KPop fans have responded positively to the market survey with over 750 members tentatively agreeing to attend the event and counting.

No 2PM to complete the JYP family?

There have also been remarks by 2PM as well as 2ne1 fans to include these 2 groups into the mix too as well as some who are also taking this opportunity to vouch for other KPop groups, including CN Blue and SHINee. However, even though planning for this concert is in the works, it is still unconfirmed and if response from fans are deemed insufficient then the concert may fail to materialize, as with Marctensia’s earlier plans to bring other KPop groups. So, if you are a fan of either Big Bang, 2AM or Miss A, then do visit Marctensia’s event on FB and let your opinions be heard!

Marctensia was previously involved in the management of the Digi Live KPop Party 2011 and Super Show 2.

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