KARA remains at 5!

On Feb 3rd, the members of Kara finally released an official statement regarding their continuation as a 5-member group through their fanclub site. In their statement, KARA thanked their loyal fans for their unrelenting support throughout the years and essentially the recent ordeal. They also assured them that there is not much to worry about at the moment and hope that their fans would continue to cheer them on for their future activities.

Following the agreement of the 3 members of KARA (Han SeungYeon, Nicole Jung and Kang JiYoung) with DSP Media to ‘continue together as 5′, KARA has resumed their filming of ‘URAKARA’ as well as their various scheduled CFs. PD Park Sung Hoon for ‘Heroes’ made an announcement to assure fans that Nicole will not be departing from ‘Heroes’ despite being unable to attend one of the filming sessions on Jan 31st. This was probably because of conflicting schedules as all 5 members of Kara were spotted shooting for the jacket of their next Japanese single to be released in March on the same date.

The Fabulous Five, on the set of ‘URAKARA’

Furthermore, Tokyo TV revealed behind-the-scenes footage of the KARA members in Japan, happily filming for “URAKARA”, stating that the quintet appeared to be in high spirits as five despite looking a little exhausted.

Mere coincidence or more impending tribulations?

However, a recent revelation of the seating plan of the girls’ flight to Japan has been making headlines. According to Japan’s FujiTV, Seungyeon, Hara, JiYoung and Nicole appeared to be seated together in one row while Gyuri, was seated a few rows ahead by herself. Then again, it does seem that people may be reading too much into their flight arrangements, given the recent events.

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