Super Junior-M additions & the Perfect comeback song

On February 14th, a Taiwanese radio channel, HitFM revealed Super Junior-M’s comeback song, entitled “太完美” (loosely translated to mean “Too Perfect”) as a perfect Valentine gift for SJ-M’s fans, featuring the voices of the remaining original SJ-M members (Zhou Mi, Henry Lau, Choi Siwon, Lee DongHae, Kim RyeoWook and Cho KyuHyun) as well as two latest additions to the sub-group, Lee HyukJae and Lee SungMin! Photos from their latest photo shoot have also confirmed EunHyuk and SungMin’s participation as official members of Super Junior-M.

Super Junior M: Making their comeback with more members and songs!


Fans of the sub-unit are now eagerly awaiting the next 10 days as SJ-M will be releasing their second-mini album on February 25th in Taiwan and subsequently the rest of Asia. It is said that the mini-album will comprise of a 35-page lyric booklet, a photo booklet as well as a random member’s autograph/trading card. Below is the official track list released for the mini-album including original compositions by Henry and Zhou Mi for “Off my mind” and “True Love” as well as Taiwanese star, Jay Chou for “Love is Sweet”.

Track list
1. 太完美 (Perfection)
2. 命運線 (Destiny)
3. 幸福微甜 (Love is sweet)
4. 表白 (Off my mind)
5. True Love
6. 吹一樣的風 (My all is in you)

With that, Super Junior-M will be back on various stages not only to perform their latest songs but also branch out into other avenues of entertainment by acting an MC-ing to promote “太完美”. SJ-M will be kick starting their hectic promotional activities schedule with a recording for Beijing’s CCTV on February 22nd and 23rd.

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