Choi Sung-bong is discovered on Korea’s Got Talent

Remember Susan Boyle? Yeah, that songbird who took the world by storm on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2009. Meet her male Korean counterpart, Choi Sung-bong.

PhotobucketSING, BABY, SING: Choi Sung-bong is about to blow you away

The man is an orphan. He was left at an orphanage at 3 but ran away after he was abused. He has been alone since 5, selling candy and energy drinks on the street to eke out a living. He slept on stairs and public restrooms for 10 years. Currently, he is a manual labourer.

When the 22-year-old opened his mouth to sing at Korea’s Got Talent, he left many teary-eyed. Hit the play button to see why.

*sniffle*sniffle* We wish you much success, Sung-bong. You have the support of Malaysia. 성봉씨 화이팅!!!

K-popped! kakis, represent, yo! Feel free to leave your message of encouragement for Sung-bong at our comment section :).

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