Kim Taewoo, JYP & Rain are brothers

“…we’ll always be together, in any kind of weather,” sings JYP about his “brothers” Rain and Kim Taewoo.

So tight is the bond between the three friends that Taewoo (formerly of boyband g.o.d.) invited JYP and Rain to sing Brothers & Me for his comeback album T-School. The album was released in March 2011.

PhotobucketTHE BROTHERS THREE: (l-r) Taewoo, Rain & JYP bond with a little song and dance

The MV shows much male bonding between the guys as they “record” the track. Watch it below.

The three men go waaay back. Taewoo and Rain were once under the JYP Entertainment label. Currently, Taewoo is signed with Soul Shop Entertainment while Rain branched out on his own with J. Tune Entertainment.

Nevertheless, the bond between the trio is still very strong. Heck, JYP and Rain didn’t even talk money when they decided to lend their talent and starpower to the project. In fact, all they wanted was for Taewoo to buy them drinks.

PhotobucketCUDDLE: Some…err, brotherly love

Scroll back to the first pic, it sure looks like Taewoo made good his part of the deal. A round (or two or three) of soju for his brothers! 😉

Source: allkpop

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