The 2011 Top Grossing K-Pop song goes to…T-Ara!

T-ARA: Bringing retro back to the forefront

Curious to know which song is the top grosser so far in 2011? Well, that title goes to T-Ara’s Roly Poly. While it seems that the group has yet to be as internationally recognized or loved like SNSD, Wonder Girls and 2ne1, they have managed to bag USD2 million in sales in less than 3 months, thanks to their addictive and catchy single.

Due to Roly Poly‘s massive popularity in Korea, the song has been made into numerous different music videos [and genres], including a Copacabana Dance version as well as a Trot version during one of the episodes on Gag Concert.

ADDICTIVE: More Roly Poly anyone?

Roly-Poly struck a chord with not only the younger idol fans but also the older audience due to its refreshing yet retro concept and its mass popularity amongst the Korean public is evident from its high digital sales.

It was revealed that Roly-Poly averaged USD$30,000 in digital sales per day and is the top digital hit song of the year. On August 1st, the song itself managed to hit USD$200,000, setting a tall order for the rest of its competitors. Note: Good-selling albums [about 10 songs] usually only average about USD$300,000 USD in digital sales in South Korea.

The previous sales record for a song was set by IU’s Good Day, which garnered USD$1.3 million. Records are meant to be broken, aren’t they?

JUST SAY NO: T-Ara, recently spotted with the members of Infinite, participating in a summer camp to educate singers and fanclub members about copyrights.

Source: AllKPop

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