Are you the O!timate Idol?

1. How big of a Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK / TVXQ) fan are you?
2. How well can you sing?

If you had positive answers to both the questions, you may just have what it takes to be the the O!timate Idol!

The O!timate Radio’s Site, ONETVXQ s #1 International Cassie Radio is organizing the first ever O!timate Idol competition as it aims to discover the best singer in the Dong Bang Shin Ki fandom. So, if you have the chops and is a Cassiopeia (both new or old), do start on your 2 minute video to be uploaded on Youtube now!

For the rest of the competition rules and more information, hurry on to the O!timate Radio’s Site as auditions end on October 21st!

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