Rain’s enlistment is telecast LIVE on tv

Fighting back tears, Rain salutes to his fans before disappearing to camp

Korean world star Rain (29) salutes his adoring fans and looked as if he was fighting back tears in his final good-bye to fans. Over 1,200 fans turned up at the training camp at Gyeongido to bid their final good-bye before Rain enlists for the compulsory 2 year national service.

Besides Hyun Bin, Rain is the only celebrity thus far to have his enlistment telecast LIVE on television! It’s such a monumental event that Korean channels like tvN and Mnet sent their crew.


Rain says – “I’ll do my best to come back in one piece.”

The star who waited until the very last minute to enlist i.e. at the very ripe old age of 29 (every male South Korean has to serve before they turn 30), performed to his fans to the very last minute. He even performed with his military buzzcut on 9th October at the Kangnam Hallyu Festival.

Bye bye Bi, see you soon!

Lastly, check out the video here…

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  • huhuhu! sedihnya~rain, cloud will waiting for u~~fighthing. nanti, kalo da habis, wat concert, saya terbang sana tau! huhhhhhuhu sedihnya~~~

  • Anonymous

    will keep supporting him as he’s the man that performed in my very first kpop concert and got me into kpop fully !!! GO RAIN !!!

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