SNSD’s new album worldwide release – THE BOYS


Are you anticipating the release of Girl’s Generation’s New Album – The Boys?
Worldwide release: 19 Oct 2011

Fast forward 3 years from 7th June 2008 and who would have thought that Girls’ Generation aka. So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) will be where they are today?–a K-Pop powerhouse and force to be reckon with through both superb digital and physical album sales.

As it is, despite the initial delay of their third album since SM.Entertainment first released the concept images of the girls to “The Boys”, the hype surrounding their comeback has only grown larger. Although it remains to be seen whether the full song “The Boys” will live up to the enormous expectations by their fans (so far, there have been about 6 official teasers of the song and music video), it seems that most are already lapping it up.

As if that wasn’t enough, the repetitive beat that echoes throughout “The Boys” (a style which the producer, Teddy Riley seems almost too familiar with) and the lyrics that have been made known so far, have been compared to the likes of Gwen’s Hollaback Girl, Kelis’s Milkshake as well as Beyonce’s Run the World (Girls). If anything, it sounds like it may be a great song despite English not being their first language.


The teaser video for The Boys was played at New York’s Time’s Square,
Wangfujing in Beijing & Kangnam in Seoul

In addition, to the delight of the International Sones, it seems that SM. Entertainment’s delay in releasing “The Boys” wasn’t pointless when news broke out that SNSD has joined Interscope Records to release the English-language version of their upcoming single. Of course, there were some confusion over this translating into an official US debut for SNSD but this is not to be mistaken and blown out of proportions. SM. Entertainment is merely joining forces with Interscope to distribute the max-single to “The Boys” in the US, a very good move on their behalf as it enables the company to test the waters, if they are seriously considering one.

Still, if fans are hoping for SNSD to achieve a larger worldwide recognition, the sales for “The Boys” will have to be appropriately sutainable for any further signs of a Western debut (be it in the States or in Europe). Interscope too has been keeping their end of the deal by having “The Boys” teaser video playing in Times Square for a full month to promote the maxi-single.

“The Boys” displayed in highly-populated cities such as New York’s Times Square, Tokyo, Wangfujing Street in Beijing & Kangnam in Seoul.

Girls’ Generation is set to have the album dropped tomorrow, October 19th along with the music video to their main single, “The Boys”, complete with SM. Entertainment’s signature matrix and phantom flex camera techniques. The song will also be released worldwide through various music stores, including iTunes. Other activities lined-up for SNSD include their long-awaited comeback stage on KBS’s Music Bank on the 21st and an appearance on Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio on the same day. The girls will also be flying to New York on October 23rd for the SMTown concert with a fan-meet scheduled for Monday, October 24th.

As for Asean Sones, there are hearsays that SNSD will be performing the new songs in their album in their Singapore concert! Will you be there?


SNSD’s Worldwide release of The Boys happens tomorrow i.e. 19 October 2011

Source: SMTown on Facebook

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