SuJu’s EunHyuk goes to Europe for a vacation

As can be seen from Eun Hyuk’s Twitter account (which now has more than half a million followers), the all-rounded idol has been spending his well-deserved break touring various countries in Europe.

Following that, European fans of this Anchovy (what he is also fondly known as) have not put this rare opportunity to waste and tried to seek a glimpse of their favourite K-Pop idol.

EunHyuk with an amazing backdrop in Prague.

Well, as they always say, luck fortunes the brave and 2 lucky European K-Pop fans managed to not only catch a glimpse of EunHyuk but also had a memorable dinner with him. You read that right, these lucky fans had dinner with EunHyuk! It seems that after these courteous fans had a short exchange of conversation with EunHyuk and helped him and his family to settle in for dinner, EunHyuk offered to pay for their dinner as well!

“I believe that this is something absolutely out of the norm and I can say for the both of us that we are forever greateful for this wonderful moment. It only convinced us that EunHyuk is an absolutely adorable person in real life.” You can visit [email protected]‘s blog for a more detailed fan-account of what went down in Prague.

Here is also another fan-account from [email protected], who tried and almost missed EunHyuk in Vienna! Following that (unlike poor KyuHyun, who was threatened with a knife in Spain), while most were probably at home watching the much-anticipated Chelsea vs Arsenal game, EunHyuk was in London to catch the entire match in person!

It appears that EunHyuk was seated amongst supporters of the Blues so we wonder if he was disappointed by the match results? Otherwise, he seemed excited and cheerful to be in Stamford Bridge, from the fan-cam below.

It sure seems that EunHyuk is having much fun (meeting his fans) in Europe. Let’s hope that he will be safe throughout his journey and refreshed after the long vacation to return with more energy and surprises for all his fans!

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