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Put your hands up Malaysia! o/ 


Hot Night in Kuala Lumpur

It was a hot night when Korean band 2PM performed in Malaysia for the first time, fulfilling the dreams of their mostly female fans. The beastly idols brought the house down with their signature upbeat hip-hop tunes, acrobatics and fierce dance moves. Acrobatics? Yes there were a couple of sommersaults and handstands throughout the show. I kid you not.

On top of that, 2PM surprised the fans with a couple of steamy numbers – especially Back To You which received high pitched screams as a token of appreciation.

Balancing out their “manly” image, the six member band slowed things down with love ballads such as I Can’t, My Valentine, Only You and Thank You.

I for one enjoyed the familiar hip-hop, R&B tunes of The Asian Soul a.k.a. JY Park who writes most of their songs.

All in all it was an excellent show that left concert-goers satisfied and talking about their 2PM experience long after the concert ended.


25 songs on the 25th Nov 

The concert kicked off at 8:30pm and the curtain came down to reveal Chansung, Taecyeon, Wooyong, Junsu, Nichkhun and Junho in all their glory. With the fans screaming at the top of their lungs, the group started off their 25 song repertoire dancing to the techno beat of Hot.

They entertained the fans for more than two hours. The next song Electricity was a play of lights and the group’s six female dancers joined them on stage.


Put Your Hands Up!

The third song Hands Up was the song everyone was waiting for and 5,000 pairs of hands went up in the air!

To help the fans sing along at the concert, romanized lyrics were displayed on the two giant screens for the more popular songs such as Hands Up, I’ll Be Back, Again and Again, Heartbeat and Don’t Stop Can’t Stop. Fans were delighted and started singing along – happily!



Tough guy chant – We Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop, Until We Reach the Top!

Performing one of their hits I’ll Be Back in Jeans & Leather

Love ballads 

One of my favourite moments of the concert was when the group sang the slow number I Can’t. 2PM started it off with an accapella of the chorus, urging the fans to sing along. Sitting on high stools, they serenaded the audience. The audience loved it when Taec kneeled and rapped. Then Junsu switched to his falsetto and the crowd roared appreciatively.

Nichkhun and Taec also appeared in rather comical identical plaid suits with super-tight pants singing the cute number My Valentine. The pair had a lot of fun with this song, running to the front and sides of the T-shaped stage, reaching out to the fans and making them respond.

For the romantic number Only You, the guys carried baskets filled with single stalk roses and distributed them to the lucky fans who were in the rock pitt right in front of the stage.


 Chansung, one for me please…

Solo stage

Lately, two of the band members Junsu and Junho started writing songs. Junsu , who writes under the name Jun K., performed his solo effort Alive and was accompanied by six male backup dancers. He got the crowd singing ALIVE! ALIVE! ALIVE! at the chorus.

Junho and Wooyoung teamed up to perform Besides You. A song penned by Junho and choreographed by Wooyoung. I must say I enjoyed the song and choreography – bop bop bop went Wooyoung’s head to the beat. We want more Wooyoung! Show us what you’ve got!

A dramatic moment in the concert occured when Chansung had the stage to himself. The clever mix of multimedia and shadow play made Chansung’s sword fight scene a hit! They played a short video of how Chansung wanted to avenge his enemy and then clad in a red leather knee length jacket, he appeared, bravely fighting his dark enemies. Then came the final battle scene where he fought with the dark knight himself. Of course the handsome, valiant Chansung won. I thought he would start to sing after that, but he did not.


Left: Chansung the shadow warrior
Right: Junsu’s Alive! 



2PM connected well with the audience. Taecyeon who speaks English, spoke the most. Nichkhun spoke a fair bit too. In fact, every one of them attempted to communicate to the crowd in English – all except Chansung who was too shy.

Junho even spoke in the national language (Bahasa Malaysia). He said “Saya akan balik lagi” (I will be returning) and fans screamed at the top of their lungs. Junho even looked a bit surprised at the overwhelming response. Yes Junho, practice more Bahasa Malaysia, and the girls will love you MORE! 😉


What did you say ladies? We can’t hear you….


Like our tees? Well, can’t get them at the stalls outside the stadium for sure, we checked.  

We’ll be back next year Malaysia!

2PM promised their Malaysian fans that they will be back next year – to show them a better show.

They sang Thank You and each member took some time thanking their fans and saying how great it was to be able to perform in Malaysia. It was an almost tearful farewell. Then they launched into remixes of their fast numbers 10 out of 10 and Hands Up.

At the end of the encore, the members of 2PM waved their final good-byes and disappeared back stage…all except the baby of the group, Chansung. He turns his back towards the crowd and teases by taking off his shirt.

Fans screamed.

He turns back, pretends to throw his shirt to the girls waiting excitedly in the rock pitt, flashes a cheeky grin and disappears back stage. – End


 Did you enjoy the party? We promise to come back for another party next year!


Song list:

1. Hot

2. Electricity

3. Hands Up

4. Crazy for you

5. Tired of waiting

6. Besides you (Junho & Wooyoung)

7. I can’t

8. Give it to me

9. Dance tonight

10. My Valentine (Nichkhun & Taecyeon)

11. Avenger (Chansung)

12. I’ll be back

13. I hate you

14. Back to you

15. Alive (Junsu)

16. Without You

17. Only You

18. 10 out of 10

19. Again and Again

20. I’m Your Man

21. Don’t stop can’t stop

22. Heartbeat

23. Thank you

24. 10 out of 10 (remix)

25. Hands up (remix)


Did you have a good time at the concert? Share your experience here…


Group Pics: Courtesy of Star Planet

K-popped! pics by Fizzy


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  • December 2, 2011 at 11:07 am

    I WAS THERE..and it was like TOTALLY ROCK! 

    *no words can describe how i feel..my heart..just..banggg* explode!*

  • December 1, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    I saw wooyoung right in front of my eyes and that was the most daebak moment of all!!!!! It still feels surreal until today!! And i totally agree with what you’ve said, “We want more Wooyoung! Show us what you’ve got!” I know he is capable of much more, and he should show us more of that! Will be waiting to see more of wooyoung!!!

  • November 27, 2011 at 4:23 am

    wooyoung so sweet, sent us the far-away seated HOTTEST the “saranghae” sign instead of those roses *lucky fan who got the roses, i’m not really jeolus…haha*

    • November 29, 2011 at 3:23 pm

      it was me who send to him 1st when he was waving at us, VIP (L)..hehe =)
      i wud say, WooYoung’s fan service was the best..i saw him waving constantly at fans from every zone..i like when the other members teases him while him changing his outfit, i recorded the precious moment..his face was like “oh guys, pls stop teasing me..” LOL =p 

  • November 26, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    I almost didn’t go… lol… Glad I did!! It was really good but I’d wish they would have throwed in more fireworks!!! hahahaha… I’m a sucker for pyrotechnical effects… Did you know that those confetti machines were actually manual? hahah… I saw a guy standing beside the machine refilling it with white confetti… lol… at times, he wasn’t fast enough and the machine was just spewing out smoke 😀

    They were really good!! Now ‘I can’t’ is stuck in my head ~~~ I can’t forget your love, 언제까지라도 ~~~~~~~~~~

    • November 28, 2011 at 5:18 pm

      Yeah I agree, 2PM is really good live. Love them. What a great show!

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