Big Bang specials on MTV to celebrate “Best Worldwide Act” win

Yo peeps! Thanks to you, Big Bang bagged the trophy for the very first Best Worldwide Act title at the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) on Nov 6!

PhotobucketTHANK YOU: The Big Bang boys proudly show off their Best Worldwide Act trophy!

Oh yeah, the power of the Hallyu-loving-VIPs is definitely a force to be reckoned with. It was unduly proven when Big Bang mowed down tough competitors such as Britney Spears (North America) to claim the prize.

PhotobucketIT’S OURS!: ‘Oh yeah, give it over here. Come to papa!’

In celebration of bringing the award home to the Asia Pacific region (woot!), MTV S.E.A (South East Asia) is set to feature some Big Bang specials. Make sure you tune in to the country-specific channel(s) below:

Malaysia: Astro Channel 713
Singapore: StarHub TV Channel 533
Indonesia: First Media Channel 220 OR Indovision Channel 271
Hong Kong: nowTV Channel 554
The Phillipines: Global Destiny Cable Channel 47 OR SkyCable Channel 66 OR Dream Channel 37

PhotobucketPOWER TO THE FANS: ‘Yo VIPs! We could not have won this without you.’

So what programmes can you expect? Read on to find out:

BIGBANG Special (60 mins)
November 15 (Tuesday)
4pm (INDO), 5pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6pm (MAL)
Synopsis: A special 60-min show where Big Bang answers questions through Twitter. Check out their MVs too – Sunset Glow, My Heaven and many more.

BIGBANG in 24 Hours (30 mins)
November 16 (Wednesday)
4pm (INDO), 5pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6pm (MAL)
Synopsis: MTV follows the boys around during their performance at the 2010 Video Music Awards Japan. The show chronicles their activities for that day and who they hung out with.

JK Hits: BIGBANG Specials (30 mins)
November 16 (Wednesday)
4:30pm (INDO), 5:30pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6:30pm (MAL)
Replay: November 17 (Thursday) at 4pm (INDO), 5pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6pm (MAL)
Synopsis: Back-to-back BIGBANG MVs!

PhotobucketDON’T MISS US: ‘Watch us on the MTV S.E.A channels ;)’

JK Hits: BIGBANG Specials (60 mins)
November 18 (Friday)
4pm (INDO), 5pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6pm (MAL)
Synopsis: Back-to-back BIGBANG MVs!

MTV Live: BIGBANG (30 mins)
November 17 (Thursday)
4:30pm (INDO), 5:30pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6:30pm (MAL)
Synopsis: BIGBANG performs in this MTV Live special.

Pics credit: Dave Hogan via MTV EMA 2011 & MTV Asia

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