[Exclusive] Interview with Scent of A Woman’s Lee Dong Wook

Actor Lee Dong Wook came to Malaysia to promote his drama “Scent of A Woman”. Currently filming a new drama, he managed to make his way here despite his busy schedule to meet the fans. It was his first visit to Malaysia!  

K-popped! had the privilege to attend the interview session with this charismatic and handsome actor.

What is your interpretation of the “scent” of a woman?

Lee Dong Wook: It’s very subjective and it depends on how you perceive “scent”. For me, the scent of a woman does not necessarily means what kind of perfume she’s wearing, but it’s how she brings herself out. In this drama, the character I played, Kang Ji Wook would forever be reminded of Lee Yeon Jae’s (Kim Sun Ah) scent even after she dies.

What is your impression towards Kim Sun Ah, before and after “Scent of a Woman”?

Lee Dong Wook: This drama was actually my first ever project with Kim Sun Ah. We have never met or talked to each other before this. She may look bubbly and has a friendly personality, but at first, she’s actually shy too, just like me. So that made me kind of worried of how we would do as partners in this drama. But after a while we just clicked. Now that the filming of the drama is over, we are still keeping in touch as friends. In fact, when I had a fan meeting in Korea, she attended the fan meeting as a guest to show her support.

In “Scent of A Woman”, what are the qualities of Yeon Jae that made Ji Wook fall for her?

Lee Dong Wook: It’s hard to express this actually because at first we also didn’t know at what point Ji Wook actually fell for Yeon Jae and vice versa. So Kim Sun Ah and I had a discussion about this and we thought that maybe it could be love at first sight for Yeon Jae. Since Ji Wook is a man with perfect looks and money, it’s only natural that Yeon Jae falls for him. But their relationship is not as simple as Cinderella and her prince. Because with so much emotions involved, Ji Wook also eventually could not help himself but to fall for Yeon Jae’s charms.

Playing the part of a man who falls in love with a dying woman has made
Lee Dong Wook 
reaffirm his desires to live meaningfully
and spend time with the people he loves

Did your role as Kang Ji Wook in this drama change your perception towards life in general?

Lee Dong Wook: Well, I’ve always thought that health is very important in one’s life so being in this drama makes me think about it even deeper. Sometimes I think that we take life for granted, but if we live like it’s the last day for us maybe we would appreciate life more. For me, I want to live a life that is meaningful with all the people that I love.

What makes you agree to do the kissing and shower scenes in the drama?

Lee Dong Wook: I think the kissing scenes in the drama is necessary, they are portrayed in this drama to show the feelings and connection that Yeon Jae and Ji Wook have towards each other. From these scenes, the viewers could see and feel the special relationship that the main characters have. And as for the shower scenes, since we filmed this drama during summer, so it’s actually very refreshing to be able to do it. Plus, usually if this kind of scene is shown, the viewer’s rating usually increases (laugh).

Yup, just like any other Korean actor, I worked out at the gym
before filming the customary shower scene

“Scent of A Woman” involved a lot of crying scenes, and you cried in this drama too. Do you express yourself openly in real life?

Lee Dong Wook: I think I’m kind of an introvert, which means I keep what I feel inside. I don’t really show how I feel, let alone cry in front of other people. In fact, I don’t really like to show myself around when I don’t have anything to do. I prefer to stay home and do my own stuff.

There’s a bicycle scene in this drama which the fans think is quite romantic. Was it hard to film that scene?

Lee Dong Wook: Indeed it was! Imagine riding a bicycle with someone blocking your view. It’s close to impossible (laugh). Kim Sun Ah suggested this scene so we practiced hard to shoot the scene. All I can say is I hope the viewers won’t do this in real life, because it’s dangerous (smile).

This is actually just out of curiosity, but what’s with the mustache?

Lee Dong Wook: Oh, this? It’s actually for my character in the new drama I’m filming now. Currently I’m having a very tight schedule with the filming and everything, in fact I have to leave for Korea tonight so that I’ll be able to shoot the drama.

Lee Dong Wook was in Kuala Lumpur with co-star Kim Sun Ah
to promote his first drama after serving in the army

Do you like to go online and (Google) search yourself? If you do have you ever found anything unusual related to you?

Lee Dong Wook: First of all, Korean rarely use Google. And I rarely search myself too, so I don’t really find anything unusual or crazy related to me. Have you searched about me online? Did you find anything weird? (laugh)

Any last words for your fans and viewers of “Scent of A Woman”?

Lee Dong Wook: I hope “Scent of A Woman” will get good ratings in Malaysia and the viewers will enjoy watching it. Please support “Scent of A Woman”. Thank you.

Awww…after Lee Dong Wook’s answers would you now catch this drama on Astro?

Scent of a Woman (16 episodes) airs on ONE HD (Astro Channel 393) at 9:05pm every Wednesdays and Thursdays. It runs from 30 November 2011 – 19 January 2012.

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