[Exclusive] Interview with Scent of A Woman’s Kim Sun Ah

Korean actress Kim Sun Ah not only has a pretty face, she comes across as one who has a heart of gold as well. K-popped! was honored to be able to interview this talented actress who came to Kuala Lumpur on 6 Dec 2011 to promote her latest drama “Scent of a Woman. In the drama, she plays a cancer stricken woman who falls in love and tries to make the best of circumstances given the fact that she has six months to live.

The 36 year-old actress with her bubbly personality captured the hearts of those who met her at the event! Here’s what transpired at the exclusive interview!


What is the best or most memorable experience from filming “Scent of A Woman”?

Kim Sun Ah: There’s too many, I think I can’t even choose one because every scene in the drama is memorable to me. The crying scenes, which I had to do a lot in this drama, would probably be the hardest. It’s just too hard to cry a lot because in my previous dramas I didn’t really have to shoot many sad scenes like I did in “Scent of A Woman”. But this is what I like from filming this drama, perhaps this could be the most memorable experience (crying scenes) because I got to learn new things that I rarely do before. Also, for this drama I got the chance to work with great staff members, writers and director.  As a whole, filming this drama itself is the best experience for me.

What made you decide to do this project (Scent of A Woman) together with Lee Dong Wook?

Kim Sun Ah: To me, everything in life is like a destiny. Choosing to appear in this drama, meeting and acting together with Lee Dong Wook are all like a destiny, or something that is already meant to be. For “Scent of A Woman”, I was the first to be chosen as the cast, so my role was already decided. Then Lee Dong Wook was chosen as the lead actor and followed by Uhm Ki Joon. It was such a great opportunity for me to be able to work alongside these awesome actors. It’s almost like a “marriage” when it comes to filming. It’s a destiny that you have chosen to be into. For this project, it was a “happy marriage” for me and the rest of the cast.

You had to go through an extreme diet to fit the role of Lee Yeon Jae in “Scent of A Woman”. How did that experience help you in getting into the character?

Kim Sun Ah: As an actress, whatever drama or movie I’m in, I have “to be” the character that I’m portraying. When I was filming “My Name is Kim Sam Soon“, I had to gain 10kgs to fit my role. Then for “City Hall” I was back to my normal weight again. For “Scent of A Woman”, I had to lose a lot of weight because my role, Lee Yeon Jae, is a woman who’s really sick and facing death. Make up could not do much to accomplish this, so I had to do whatever I can in order to make the character “real”. It was very hard to lose that much weight in such a short period of time. Aside from eating only one meal a day, the toughest thing for me would be not being able to sleep for more than two hours a day. Indeed, it was an awful experience (bad diet), but I think it helped me to make Lee Yeon Jae’s character more real to our audience.

Loosing weight for my role in the drama wasn’t easy.
I survived with less than 2 hours sleep a day and a very unhealthy diet.
Don’t try it at home folks!

In this drama, you fell in love with a younger guy. Would you date a younger boyfriend in real life? What would the range of age be if you do?

Kim Sun Ah: (laugh) Why not? Age is just a number. Really, why would you be bothered with how many age differences you have with your loved one? Love has nothing to do with age. I totally don’t have anything against dating a younger guy or vice versa. There won’t be any range of age, in my opinion, when it comes to love. If you love that someone, you just love him for who he is, nothing else matters. A young guy sometimes thinks like an old man. And even an “oppa” could be like a kid and have a very immature mindset. So in that sense, I think the most important thing is what our hearts feel. If your heart tells you that he’s the one, so be it. It’s as simple as that.

Tango is a very sexy dance and was featured a lot in the drama. Do you consider yourself a good tango dancer now?

Kim Sun Ah: (laugh) To say that I’m a good tango dancer would be too much, because honestly I didn’t know anything much about tango. Like everyone, I think tango is a fancy dance and at the same time it looks exquisite and fabulous too. It’s a dance that is full of energy and feelings that comes from your heart (when you’re dancing). It took me two weeks to learn the tango steps for this drama. In “Scent of A Woman”, I danced with Lee Dong Wook and Uhm Ki Joon. And the feeling differs when you change your partners. But no matter who your partner is, tango is a dance that puts two people together as one.

I’ve done tango with Rain during one of his performances, and also with Cha Seung Won in “City Hall“. So when I heard that I have to tango again in this drama my initial reaction to the director was, “What? Tango again?” (laugh). But the director asked me to read the scenario first to explain why he chose tango and so I did. Once I read it, I just had to say “yes” because tango in this drama means so much more than just a dance. In this drama tango is not used to show that it’s a fabulous dance or anything, instead it gives Lee Yeon Jae a new start and a better look at life. It also gives her hope to go on and it shows the good connection that both Kang Ji Wook (Lee Dong Wook) and Lee Yeon Jae have when they are dancing together.

The bubbly actress kept the interview session lively by posing
for the camera in-between questions

You’ve been in this industry for more than 10 years now. Do you have any plan of going international? Since you obviously have no problem in speaking English.

Kim Sun Ah: (laugh) Oh, you think my English is good? Thank you so much (smile). As for my future plan, I will work harder so that I can be in good dramas and movies for many years to come, locally or internationally. Even though I’ve been acting for quite a long time, I still think I have a lot more to learn, and in fact, with new dramas or movies, I always learn new things that I’ve never experienced before.

This is your first time in Malaysia. Any local food that you have tried?

Kim Sun Ah: Ermmm.. I’ve eaten “dim sum”. ..oh, was my answer too short? (laugh)

Any last words for your fans and viewers of “Scent of A Woman”?

Kim Sun Ah: First of all, thank you so much for such a warm welcome. I hope that this drama will be loved by everyone and I hope that you will enjoy seeing me and all the casts in “Scent of A Woman”. Thank you.

Kim Sun Ah – the fun loving and affable yet dedicated actress
is willing to take up challenging roles


Are you watching the drama? What do you think of the pairing of Kim Sunah and Lee Dongwook?

Scent of a Woman (16 episodes) airs on ONE HD (Astro Channel 393) at 9:05pm every Wednesdays and Thursdays. It runs from 30 November 2011 – 19 January 2012.

Kim Sun Ah was in Kuala Lumpur with her drama co-star Lee Dong Wook,
to promote Scent of a Woman

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