Review: MO.A 2011 in Kuala Lumpur on Dec 3

Photos by Fizzy Hasan

The MO.A 2011 in Kuala Lumpur was simply amazing! Even the weather favoured the event and took a turn for the better after showing signs of rain just before it started.

Regardless, fans were ready to brave the storm for their idols. They came equipped with ponchos, umbrellas and even mini-stools (rock pit area)! It was obvious from the start that it would be an exciting night!

Sassy Miss A

Opening the concert was none other than Miss A! The newly crowned “Best Dance Performance for a Female Group” at the recent Mnet Asia Music Awards lived up to their name as they danced and strutted their stuff to one of the best songs of the year, Goodbye Baby.

PhotobucketWOMEN IN BLACK: Fei (left) and Min work up the crowd

Donning all-black attires, the girls were energetic and fierce to boot. They then followed it up with their other songs, Love Alone, Help Me and Breath.

It was hard to determine who among the four stunning ladies was the crowd’s favourite, but there were fans at the media section who screamed for Suzy every time she came around.

Min worked the dance routines to Miss A’s songs with lots of power, Fei’s style was more sultry while Jia was definitely the sassy one and looked unconventionally stunning up close.

The girls also hammed it up by performing a cover version of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. The quartet ended their set with their debut single, Bad Girl, Good Girl.

Before they launched into the song, the ladies taught the audience the signature moves for the track and worked the crowd up with the chorus. Needless to say, Miss A left quite an impression on the crowd with their first appearance in Malaysia.

Sizzlin’ B1A4

Next up, the adorable guys from B1A4, who wore outfits from their My Love promotions. First up is Beautiful Target, which is infamous for one of its amusing English lines: you zoom zoom heart like a rocket.

PhotobucketTARGET: The boys don’t mind being the bulls eye for the fangirls

Next, it was time for the catchy My Love, and some fans were even seen dancing along to the “Sprout Dance”.

After that, the quintet led by JinYoung (who we would have never thought is the leader due to his youthful appearance) greeted the audience in English. Unfortunately, there were times when we could not really understand them! The performance then resumed with “못된 것만 배워서” (Only Learned the Bad Things) and Only One.

The boys closed their act with O.K, a pretty addictive song with a nice repetition of the word “you” in falsetto, during the chorus.

ShinWoo even slided across the stage towards his adoring fans while performing the last song. All of them including rapper Baro, vocalist Sandeul and maknae GongChan were pretty solid as a rookie group. Fans were obviously smitten and they probably gained new fans after the night too.

Engaging f(x)

f(x) took the stage with their debut song, LA chA TA. In contrast with Miss A, the girls were decked out in colourful outfits with diamonds as the main theme. f(x) should have been named Amber & the Girls that night as the cheers were notably louder for the androgynous beauty.

PhotobucketBEAUTIFUL: The very feminine Victoria (left) and androgynous Amber

Even so, each member was well-received by the crowd, so much so that it felt like the fans forgot about Krystal’s no-show. It did however get a tad bit awkward during Nu ABO; the part where Sulli usually performs with Krystal.

Despite missing one of their main vocalist, f(x) managed to captivate the crowd with Sulli’s charm, Amber’s charisma, Luna’s powerful vocals and Victoria’s dancing. In addition, Amber and Victoria were able to communicate effortlessly with the crowd in English and Mandarin respectively.

The girls also performed “좋아해도 되나요” (Is It OK?) from the OST of the drama series, Paradise Ranch. Fans were actually in for treat as it was only the group’s second time performing the song to a live audience! After the more relaxing and enjoyable tune, f(x) turned the heat back up with Hot Summer. They then ended their set with the hit track “피노키오” (Pinnochio [Danger]).

Amazing Super Junior

The sapphire blue sea was roaring in anticipation before stars of the night, Super Junior, appeared on stage. One could have easily mistaken the event for Super Show 4!

E.L.Fs were raring to go and cheered loudly when the first few words to Superman started to echo. Coordinated in black and white outfits, the guys kicked off their set with a power-packed Superman performance. They then kept the momentum going with songs from their latest re-packaged album, A-CHA and Mr. Simple.

PhotobucketFAVOURITES: (l-r) ShinDong wrestles with an autographed T, Ee Teuk shows us his newly-whitened teeth while DongHae…err, shows off his manly hand

Fan-chants were loud and the E.L.Fs were extremely supportive throughout the concert. Some concert goers were annoyed when Mr. Simple (Version A) albums were used as part of a fan project because it obstructed their view. Nevertheless, many in the crowd were in high spirits.

The Super Junior members continued to win the hearts of E.L.Fs (is that even possible?) with their Bahasa Malaysia greetings of Assalamualaikum and Apa Khabar?

It was then revealed that YeSung has prepared a special gift for the crowd. The singer then launched into his solo performance of It Has Yo Be You, with the crowd singing along in full-force.

PhotobucketSTARS OF THE NIGHT: (l-r) RyeoWook belts out a number, KyuHyun pretends to be the Hunchback of Notre-Dame while the rest of the guys chillax on stage

The rest of the members returned for the  other ballads: Memories, followed by the light-hearted Marry You. Finally, the boys ended the night with their hit singles, Bonamana and Sorry, Sorry.

The fans were ready with their “encore” chants when all four groups returned to the stage — one at a time — for their final curtain call.

EunHyuk, DongHae and SungMin did their usual “flying thumbs kiss” while Ee Teuk being the enthusiastic leader, was the last idol to leave the stage.

PhotobucketSARANGHAEYO!: We love you too <3

Thus, ends the Most Amazing concert… unless Super Show 4 comes to our shores.

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