Get a call from your fave K-pop star on StarCall

Got a smart phone? Always wanted to receive video messages from the likes of Wooyoung (2PM), BoA, Siwon (Super Junior), Taeyeon (SNSD) or Amber (f(x))?

Well, you’re in luck. Just head on to iTunes or the Android Market and download the smartphone app called StarCall. Put a tick next to the idol group / star you would love to get connected with, and then just sit back, and wait for that call.

ANDROID: Receive a video message from your fave K-pop star

Sooner or later, you will receive a personal, real-time video message from your selected K-pop star friend. Artistes on the list include SNSD, 2PM, 2AM, Super Junior, SHINee and Teen Top.

The first five video calls are FREE. After that, you will have to buy the app to receive more calls.

The StarCall team confirms that each StarCall star / group uploads an average of 3-5 video calls each month. There are over 20 K-pop artists using StarCall to send video messages to fans, so it averages up to 60-100 videos per month.

I’ve downloaded the app for review purposes. 2AM, 2PM and FTISLAND are my selected groups to receive a personal, real-time video message from (woo hoo!). It has been two weeks. No one has called. Bummer :(.

iTUNES: Get the app for your iPhone too

If you are a “fan-of-all”, go ahead and select all the K-celebs on the list. As for me, I’m content to just wait until one of the guys from my selected idol groups film a video message.

StarCall also has footages of the stars promoting the app. Also, since the video is in real-time, there will not be any subtitles the first time you receive the message. Wait a while and the necessary will be done.

All of the above is still in theory, you see…I’m still waiting for my first call. Chansung, record a video message for StarCall already!

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