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We are excited to learn that Korean singer Lee An (based in Singapore) teamed up with Malaysia’s Dennis Lau and came up with a kpop single! The single is composed by Dennis Lau with Korean lyrics by Lee An. It also features rapper Altimet. If you haven’t heard yet, the single is entitled LOVE LIKE THIS and features gossip girl and model Fay Hokulani in the music video.

If that isn’t enough to whet your appetites, here’s a couple of behind-the-scene stills (from Hokulani’s blog) from the MV which was filmed in December 2011 at an undisclosed location. The MV features Lee An, Dennis Lau and Hokulani in a love triangle.


The entire MV was shot in one day and they started at 10am and worked all the way ’till midnight.


Lee An and Fay….


Dennis Lau & Fay…

It is also Fay Hokulani’s first MV appeareance as a female lead and she’s very excited about the project!

So how did this collaboration come about? Lee An met Dennis Lau (Electric violinist, songwriter, producer) in Singapore when the latter launched his album DiversiFy and that’s when they talked about working together.


Lee An (left) collaborates with Dennis Lau to come up with the kpop single – Love Like This

We’ve received word from Lau that the single and MV will be released soon. However, no exact date has been announced yet.

Check out the MV teaser for Love Like This here… What do you think? Does it sound k-popish enough for you? 😉




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About Lee An:

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