A glimpse of Kim Junsu’s Elisabeth

Hallyu heartthrob Kim Junsu is now a bona fide musical actor

After three musicals under his belt, Korean hallyu star and member of JYJ Kim Junsu is now a bona fide musical actor. Tickets to his recent musical “Elisabeth” were sold out within 10 minutes! Everyone wanted to see Kim play the role of “Death” in the European musical.

Kim Junsu has acted in musicals Mozart and Tears in Heaven before landing the role in Elisabeth.

So you heard it right, even though “Elisabeth” is still playing in Seoul (it opened on 9 Feb and runs through to 13 May at the Blue Square Musical Hall in central Seoul) you won’t be able to catch Kim in it, unless you can pull strings to get the tickets!

No, they are not my TVXQ bandmates…nevertheless, i’m still hot on stage!

Elisabeth the musical, written by German lyricist and librettist Michael Kunze and Hungarian composer Sylvester Levay, premiered in Vienna in 1992 and made its Asian debut in Japan 1996. The Korean production is being mounted to celebrate the musical’s 20th anniversary.

The Musical tells the story of Elisabeth (“Sissi”) the Empress of Austria from 1854 to her murder in 1898 at the hands of the mad Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni who is in turn working for his master, Death, who pursues a love-hate relationship with the Empress that lasts throughout her life.

In the musical, Kim Junsu performs opposite singer turned actress Ock Ju-hyun‘s who plays Elisabeth.

In an interview days before the premier of “Elisabeth”, Kim confessed that he had never been interested in musicals. The first musical he ever saw, was the musical he ended up acting in.


“If I were to count my biggest challenge in life, it would be acting in musicals.” ~ Kim Junsu


For his role in the musical Elisabeth, there are almost no lines and he has to use expressions and gestures to express himself. To this, Kim explains “Since there are no lines, it is hard to express my intentions.”

Kim Junsu, who was in the very popular idol boy band TVXQ (and at that time he was nicknamed Dolphin or fondly known as Xiah) knows what it’s like to be right at the top. Now, while juggling his engagements with JYJ, he chooses the path of a musical actor. He would like to be remembered as a singer long after his popularity has ended.

“I want to grow old in a cool way”, he says.


“Elisabeth” Musical Performance – Curtain Call (12 February 2012) – video clip



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