Deborah Lippmann Glitter Nails ~ Korean Style

It looks like glitter nail polish is in this season!

Here are Korean nail polish ideas on how to use Hollywood celebrity manicurists Deborah Lippmann’s sparkly glitter nail polishes.

If you are tired of nail art or single coloured manicures, try these ideas!



1) Use a base colour and add variation by using glitter. Create your very own style by controlling the amount of glitter you apply!

2) Use two contrasting colours.

3) Use glitter as an accent.

4) Glitter tipped nails!




Use a different base colour for a subtle change on middle and ring finger. Top with colourful glitter!


Another subtle idea, use dark midnight blue and black (for thumb and middle finger).

Tips on removing polish:


1) You’ll need small pieces of cut-up cotton, plastic gloves and of course nail polish remover

2) Soak cotton pieces in nail polish remover

3) Cover nails with cotton, soaked in remover, put on plastic gloves and wait for 10 minutes

4) Your stubborn nail polish will remove easily


Via: Lifestyler

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