[Exclusive] Dia Frampton talks about her Korean roots

Dia Frampton, who is actually half Korean, was the runner-up in NBC’s highly-popular The Voice (Season 1). In this exclusive interview with K-popped!, Dia talks about Korean food, why she likes k-pop and which k-pop artist she would like to collaborate with. 

While watching The Voice (Season 1), one could never guess that the sweet lady with the unique voice is half Korean. Dia Frampton, who chose Blake Shelton as her coach in the survival singing series, actually surprises many when they discover that she is half Korean.

PhotobucketKIMCHI: ‘I can make it in large batches now!’

“People often ask me what my ethnicity is, and are always surprised by the answer,” says the 24-year-old.

“My mom, who is full Korean — born and raised in Seoul — doesn’t look full Korean either. She has very, very big eyes compared to her sisters and my Grandma. She has the thick, beautiful Korean hair though. I missed out on that gene! (laughs)”

Whether she looks it or not, Dia definitely has Korean blood running through her veins. She loves kimchi and her Mom has taught her how to make it!

“I can make (kimchi) in large batches now!” reveals the singer-songwriter who is currently on tour with her The Voice coach Blake Shelton. “I absolutely love Korean food!

PhotobucketON THE ROAD: Dia (left) sharing the stage with her The Voice coach Blake Shelton

“In fact, on tour, whenever we are in a city that has a lot of Korean restaurants I always try to stop in and eat there, even if it’s a long cab ride away.”

“Korean food, while traveling on the road, always makes me feel at home and reminds me a lot of my mom. I can make a pretty mean bibimbap and sundubu jjigae,” says Dia.

So as an artist, which k-pop acts and tunes does Dia appreciate?

“I like Big Bang’s Blue. I just heard it the other day. I also like, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, and 2NE1.

“I am more of a singer-songwriter type when I am writing and making music, but I like k-pop music because it’s so infectious. You can’t help but turn on a song and start dancing. I like music that, when you listen, it just makes you happy. It makes you forget about your long day at work, if even for a moment, or the big exam you have the next day,” she says.

Watch the video below to see Dia talk about the K-pop artist(s) she would like to collaborate with and what she envies about them.

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