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Updates: SNSD live in Malaysia 2012

Girls Generation (SNSD) brought the boys (and girls) out on March 23 for the Twin Towers @Live 2012 in Kuala Lumpur.

The last-minute decision (2 days before the event) to bring the girls in was overwhelmingly successful. Only 8 girls (minus Yuri) came but the crowd lapped up everything the k-pop princesses had to offer.

SNSD Twin Towers Malaysia 2012

The spokesperson for the girls that night was Tiffany. There was no time for rehearsals so the girls had to battle with faulty mics.

On top of that, the girls, who flew in on the day of the performance itself, braved the hot and humid Malaysian weather to give their best despite the circumstances.

SNSD promised their Malaysian SONEs that they will return — all nine of them — for a concert in Malaysia. Judging from the response for their recent performance, we bet it will be a sold out concert.

Hit the play button above to watch our take of what happened the night SNSD performed live for the first time in Malaysia.

Here’s the song list for Friday night:

  1. The Boys
  2. Genie – Tell Me Your Wish
  3. Hoot
  4. Run Devil Run
  5. Mr. Taxi
  6. Gee

SNSD Girls Generation Mr Taxi

D-day: Day of concert updates (March 23)

The 3G at the concert venue was really slow so we could not update this space as much as we would like to. 🙁

@k_popped: WHAaaaaaattttTt? First act ain’t SNSD but Elecoldxhot?? Girls need more time to get ready? #SNSDinMY http://t.co/AzZJR3zd

@k_popped: Second prayer break before the real show starts at 8:30pm #SNSDinMY

@k_popped: Short break b4 SNSD. Crowd getting impatient. @jojo_struys thanking sponsors #SNSDtoMY #TwinTowersAlive2012 #fb

@k_popped: Still waiting for #SNSDinMY http://t.co/C2oS6UL1

@k_popped: K-popped crowd rocked it when 2NE1’s I am the best came on. DJ Prem spinning music again to get ppl dancing #SNSDinMY

@k_popped: Sooooo many here for Girls Generation!! Awesome! #SNSDtoMY #

@k_popped: @0rch1d waiting for #SNSDtoMY to start. That’s Tower One of the Twin Towers. http://t.co/ItG2kk6t

@k_popped: We are here. DJ Prem is spinning some wicked tunes to warm the crowd up #SNSDinMalaysia http://t.co/rqTbb1xn

Malaysian Airlines (MAS) tweeted a pic of the girls arriving at KLIA!

@MAS: A pic taken earlier when they came out fr the gate. Share it out SONES!! #MHmoments #myA380 #SNSDinMY #SNSDtoMY http://t.co/tNNcDmga

@k_popped: Are u ready 4 #SNSD 2nite? Here’s what’s happening right now @ the concert venue. Some fans r already there! http://t.co/lhjADDH7

SNSD will be in town and the k-popped (sic) community is abuzz with excitement.

The ladies will be performing at the base of the iconic Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with Malaysia’s F1 weekend.

Stay with us here as we bring you LIVE updates of Girls Generation’s performance on Friday (March 23). 아싸!!

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  • Hasna Athira


    When will SNSD perform in Indonesia?
    I will be waiting SNSD! Fihting!!
    For Taeyeon:
    내가 당신을 사랑 Taeyeon
    당신은 최고입니다
    당신의 머리 스타일을 좋아


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