4Minute turns into vampires in Volume Up teaser

Yesterday they were all soft and dreamy, today they turn into sultry vampires! What’s happening you ask?

Well, it’s part of 4Minute’s comeback promotions, before the release of their 3rd mini-album Volume Up.

What do you think about 4Minute’s ‘Vampire’ concept?

Today CUBE UNITED announced the next teaser for 4Minutes comeback. The teaser was then released on 2011/04/04 4:44PM KST.

Looks like the girls will be coming back with various concept on their upcoming mini album ‘Volume Up’ that is set to release on the 9th of April!

What’s next? Any guesses?

Stay tuned to K-popped for more news on the upcoming comeback for 4Minute!

Update: April 06 ~ Volume Up 1st Teaser released

Source : www.4min.co.kr



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