Holika Holika new ambassadors SISTAR & Jung Il Woo

Recently we told you about Korean beauty brand Holika Holika (홀리카 훌리카) setting up shop in Malaysia.

Holika Holika just announced their new brand ambassadors SISTAR & Jung Il Woo.

SISTAR Holika Holika

Holika Holika announcementHolika Holics in Malaysia have a high chance to meet SISTAR!

Holika Holika, the beauty brand that uses  mystery and magical fantasy as its main theme has just announced via Facebook that SISTAR (씨스타) and Jung Il Woo will be their official reps.

Before bringing SISTAR and Jung Il Woo aboard, Holika Holika was represented by CNBLUE.  Although fans of CNBlue in Malaysia might be saddened by this, the beauty brand further elaborates that this will not be a permanent good-bye.

CNBLUE Holika Holika

Out with the old, in with the new…
CNBLUE will be replaced by SISTAR and Jung Ill Woo as official reps 

With their new brand ambassadors, Holika Holika is ready to bring something new and fresh to the beauty scene today!

What’s more exciting for most of us is, Holika Holika Malaysia also ensures that they will invite SISTAR in near future to meet the fans in Malaysia! Sounds promising!

SISTAR consists of four pretty girls – Bora, Hyorin, Soyu and Dasom. They will be officially representing Holika Holika cosmetics from now on.

Jung Ilwoo Holika Holika

Announced on Holika Holika Malaysia’s Facebook page, Jung Il Woo and SISTAR will officialy represent Holika Holika.

I’m sure fans sure can’t wait to see new Holika Holika promotions fronted by these famous artist!

Holika Holika Jung Ilwoo and SISTAR

Be sure to check out Holika Holika Malaysia’s Facebook page or K-popped for latest updates!

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