Red Soul cover versions – projects

When I learned that Korean acapella group Red Soul will be performing in Malaysia, I googled them to find out more. To my delight, I found these cover versions they did, and fondly called them their “projects” (레드소울 프로젝트).

Check them out. Which is your favourite?



[Project No. 1] Cigarette Shop Girl


Red Soul chooses to cover this popular number Cigarette Shop Girl also translated as Tobacco Shop girl [담배가게 아가씨 – dam-baek gakae agasshi] as their first project. Red Soul’s acapella arrangement gives the Korean rock song an R&B feel.  If you are curious, check out the original performed by Korean rocker YB.


[Project No. 2] All You Need Is Love

They bravely cover a Beatles song for their second project.


[Project No. 3] O Holy Night

For their third project, they added their own style and came up with this version of O Holy Night. Some might be reminded of NSync’s acapella version of this much-loved Christmas carol.


[Project No. 4] You and I

Red Soul adds their usual style to this song originally sung by IU.


[Project No. 5] 2011 Popular Hits Medley

Now Project No. 5 is interesting! It’s a medley of popular hits in 2011.

Songs included in this medley are, 2PM’s Put Your Hands Up, LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, G-Dragon & Myung Soo (ft. Park Bom)’s I CheatedSNSD’s The Boys and last but not least IU’s Good Day. This one’s great fun! Love it.


[Project No. 6] This Love

Red Soul’s English covers will be so much more awesome if they improved on their diction. But good diction or not, this cover of Maroon 5’s This Love is definitely one of their most popular. This time around it’s not just pure voices, they add guitar, keyboards and percussions.


The 2011 Medley has got to be my favourite because it was such a pleasant surprise. Cigarette Shop Girl comes close.

Which is your favourite Red Soul cover project?

Red Soul will be in Malaysia from 13 – 15 April and will be performing in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu.


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