Kim Hyun Joong Secretly Receives a Letter From a Fan

Kim Hyun Joong once again captured the hearts of his fans with his thoughtfulness. A clip of Kim Hyun Joong at the wedding of comedian Jung Joon Ha recently caught hallyu fans’ attention.

The clip, entitled ‘Kim Hyun Joong taking a letter from a fan secretly from the body guards, very touching’, shows Kim surrounded by his security guards. He noticed a fan who looked like she had something to give him. Knowing that the girl can’t get close to him, he brushed past her as if not noticing anything but reaches his hand out to the back to receive a letter from her. All the while Kim Hyun Joong carries on his conversation with his security guards,smiling as if nothing had happened.

Netizens commented on Kim Hyun Joong’s thoughtful gesture with, “I see the reason why he’s loved so much”, “You can feel that he truly respects the fans”, “It wasn’t like he knew he was being filmed, but even so he was gentle as ever”.

This act by Kim Hyun Joong truly demonstrates his love for his fans.


Can everybody say “AWWWWW”now? What a sweet guy. What do you think of the gesture?

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