BIGBANG Releases Monster MV

Will Big Bang break their own record with the release of their latest music video Monster?

The new Monster MV has already chalked up more than 5 million views on YouTube in just 4 days!


MONSTER: Let us out, we’re here to set a new record!


So far their MVs for Fantastic Baby and Blue have received approximately 26 million and 22 million views respectively.

Both MVs were released about 3 months ago, and if given the same time frame, there’s nothing that can stop Monster from receiving more views than Big Bang’s previous MVs.

With the members’ elaborate costume changes (and hair!) as well as the excellent quality of the MV that is on par with a blockbuster movie, fans (as well as non-fans!) have all the more reason to keep on hitting the replay button!

Here’s the link to Monster MV, remember that even your one view counts in helping them set another record!

Come on, tell us, how many times did you view it? 😉


Also check out the behind-the-scenes video clip!

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