JYJ’s Gift to Dance Team: A Studio!

JYJJaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu recently came together to give their dance team an awesome gift. A brand new dance rehearsal studio!

JYJ’s dance team I.D. Mu, who has been with JYJ for some eight years now, are some of the closest people to the trio. They have been with JYJ since their days in DBSK and even made an appearance in MBC Infinity Challenge’s ‘Infinity Song Festival.

To show the dance crew their heart-felt appreciation and for the many years of friendship, JYJ gifted them with a dance studio for rehearsals.

JYJ: They don’t just melt fangirls’ heart, they are superbly generous too!


The charitable act was done by the members as they put together their money and opened a studio for the team to dance in Gangnam’s Nonhyeon-dong. This happened just as Junsu began his solo album activities.

The I.D. Mu team also plans to offer JYJ-focused dance classes at the newly opened studio on weekends. Yup, fans can now learn how to dance to JYJ songs at this studio!

This is not the first time JYJ members have shown great generosity as Yoochun previously bought the entire staff team Adidas sneakers while they were on tour in Latin America.

JYJ, can you be so generous as to bestow us fans a gift in the form of a new album as well as a live concert in Malaysia too?


Sources & picture credit: enewsworld.com, allkpop.com

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