K-pop Dance Tutorials Online

Ever wanted to dance like a K-pop star? Here’s your chance to do so…and get the choreography down pat!

Bust a powerful SHINEE move or dance as sexily as SNSD. You’ll learn the steps in half the time when you get the tutorials from kpopdancetutorials.com

DANCE: Here’s a comprehensive dance tutorial for you to get your Kpop moves right!

All videos are filmed in Seoul by a team of  professional dancers. These dancers are experienced teachers in local dance schools and have also worked with back-up dancers for Kpop groups.

Captured from various angles (front, back, mirrored), you will be learning the popular Kpop dance choreography in no time at all. In addition, there is also a slowed down version as well as two step-by-step tutorials.

All in, there are 6 tutorial videos per song! Now doesn’t this sound much better than learning a Kpop dance from fan videos and live concert footages?

You can even write in to the friendly people and tell them which choreography you would like to see in the collection of dance tutorials.

For the opening promotion, a package of 6 videos is priced at USD4.99 (RM16). Once you’ve bought a tutorial, you can stream it anytime, anywhere.

If you buy a tutorial video between May 20 to June 20, you could win exciting prizes from your favourite Kpop artist! Winners will be notified by e-mail and prizes are randomly given away.

Do check out the website guys. Dance your way to: www.kpopdancetutorials.com

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