ZE:A confirms new comeback date, July 4!

Good news for ZE:A fans!

Albeit a slight delay, due to Junyoung’s injury, ZE:A have confirmed their comeback on July 4th.


In May 2012, K-popped! reported ZE:A’s Junyoung  ankle injury. Due to the injury, their June 21 comeback has to be delayed indefinitely depending on Junyoung’s recovery rate.

On June 7, Star Empire updated their official homepage regarding Junyoung’s recovery.

Representatives stated, “All treatment was successful but he should still receive regular treatment as an outpatient.  Most of all, Junyoung has strong will that he wants to meet ZE:A’S’ as quick as possible although he is injured”.

ZE:A’S! We can’t wait to meet you!

After proper consideration and Junyoung’s news of recovery, ZE:A will release their second full length album on July 4.  Moreover, Junyoung will participate in the filming of their new music video, scheduled for June 10.

Their ‘Fighting Project’ (fan meet tour), planned for six major cities in South Korea will also resume as soon as possible.

ZE:A’S’ , I’m sure this is what you’ve been waiting to hear.

Let’s hope Junyoung gets better soon and have a great comeback!


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