Ace of Angels is FNC Entertainment’s First Girl Group

After a week of image teasers from FNC Entertainment’s official website, the video teaser for AOA (Ace of Angels) is finally released.

The entertainment company recently debuted its first female songstress Juniel, and now AOA is the label’s first girl group. FNC Entertainment is known for bands such as FTISLAND and CNBLUE.

AOA is a 7 +1 member group. They call 7  its members angels, namely Seolhyun, Choaya, Hyejeong, Chanmi, Yuna, Mina, Jimin while the “+1” member Y is known as a “half-angel”. The concept is still very much a mystery.

Some members can play musical instruments, which leads netizens to speculate that AOA might play their own instruments and dance too.

Facts: Seolhyun appeared in FTISLAND‘s MV “Severely” and Hyejeong made a cameo in CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun‘s drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity” (episode 3).

Check out the members’  profiles below and also their teaser video!


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