PSY’s Gangnam Style a Global Hit

After taking South Korea by storm, PSY‘s latest smash hit, Gangnam Style have captured global attention…so much so that it has been featured by CNN as well as the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal.

PSY: Join me in my horse galloping dance!

According to The Los Angeles Times, “As for why the video is so successful–12 million views and counting–it’s pretty obvious. Just watch it. Then watch it again. Then watch it one more time after that. And another time…

Do check out the hilarious and infectious Gangnam Style MV below!

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal concluded that a tweet by rapper T-Pain contributed to the soaring popularity of PSY’s Gangnam Style. “Words cannot even describe how amazing this video is,” T-Pain tweeted.

Are you game for a Gangnam Style T-shirt?

Recently, an American online shopping site started selling t-shirts with a design of PSY‘s “horse galloping dance”. Underneath the graphic, the shirt reads: “Keep Calm and Gangnam Style” a parody of the original popularly-copied motivational quote, “Keep Calm and Carry On.

A member of PSY’s staff reacted to the situation saying, “I’m just amazed by the popularity of it in the United States.

On another hand, Gangnam Style has been parodied by various netizens, all cashing in on PSY’s popularity.

One of the more popular ones is Hongdae Style, which features the popular bar hangout location. Here’ the Hongdae Style MV!

PSY proves that youth and looks are not all it takes to succeed in the competitive K-pop scene. Do share with us what you think of PSY’s latest comeback!

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  • I agree. This is one hilarious video. The horse-riding dance is quite funny too. However, I can’t help myself but follow the steps.

  • Yo Sasjo

    Only now I’m beginning to learn about this viral video. Crazily catchy…. hilarious too…

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