[Event Coverage] Lee Seung Gi Press Conference in Malaysia (Tonight)

Lee Seung Gi was in Malaysia to meet his fans.

The popular Korean heartthrob held his first ever fan meet in Malaysia on 02 November at Kenanga Wholesale City. He treated his fans to “Tonight With Lee Seung Gi” and we heard, they had a wonderful time.

Here, we bring your photos and questions Seung Gi answered at the pre-showcase press conference.

K-popped was at the press conference for his showcase/fan meeting, Tonight With Lee Seung Gi where he told us about his upcoming project and what he likes about Malaysia!


Since this is his first visit to Malaysia, this is what Lee Seung Gi said about our country:

‘I just arrived yesterday and when I woke up this morning, I saw a beautiful scenery from my hotel room, so, I feel good to be here.’

Malaysian food

‘I didn’t get a chance to try any Malaysian food right after I’ve arrived because I had a radio station interview. I had a quick dinner at a Korean restaurant. Even the Korean restaurant’s chef asked me, how come I am not trying Malaysian food? They are so many delicious Malaysian dishes here. If I get a chance, I heard Nasi Lemak is really good, I would like to try it.’

Upcoming project

‘In November, I am actually working on my mini album which is 5.5, so I’ll be busy with that. I try to make songs that you can listen to when you wake up in the morning and before you sleep. Later in December, I’ll have a concert in Seoul, I hope a lot of Malaysian fans will come to Seoul and enjoy my concert.’

When the emcee asked Lee Seung Gi the one thing that he misses the most after quitting being the host of Strong Heart, he said, he really misses the laughter and the funny stories shared by the other Korean celebrities on the show.



Message for Malaysian fans

‘Thank you to all of you for supporting me, I am really happy for that. For tonight’s showcase, I would love to have a lot of interaction with the fans. And I am really looking forward for tonight.’

Thank you for coming to Malaysia Lee Seung Gi. We love you too.



For more photos of Lee Seung Gi at the press conference in Malaysia, go to our Facebook photo album




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