[Event Coverage] Infinite at the Press Conference for the 2013′s Dream K-Pop Fantasy Concert

To Infinite and Beyond!
Debuting in mid-2010, Infinite has been growing from strength to strength and is now one of the hottest up-and-coming acts around in K-Pop. The group that rose to fame due to their “Scorpion Dance” from their “Before The Dawn” single was in Manila on January 19th for the Dream K-Pop Fantasy Concert (DKFC). K-Popped! got the chance to listen to what makes them tick and their plans beyond 2013!

Infinite: L-WooHyun-Sungjong-Sunggyu-Sungyeol

It was evident from the screams that Infinite was the most anticipated act, at least from the 3 who were present at the press conference that day. Fans ranged from the younger, high school students to the older representatives from the media and they were all equally excited to meet the guys. In fact, a long queue materialized for “questions from the floor”, with no prompts needed from the emcee. So, let’s get to them!

The boys taking turns with the mic.

Since it’s their first time in the Philippines, what were their expectations for the trip and what do they think of the local girls?
Leader Sunggyu was delighted that the weather was warm as it’s very cold in Korea now and expressed that they really wanted to be in the Philippines to meet their fans. Adding to that, Woohyun responded by saying that they saw so many beautiful Filipinas and couldn’t wait to date them during the concert. Sungyeol followed it up by expressing how surprised they were to receive so much love from the Philippines and that the group was collectively appreciative of the support.

The boys patiently waiting for the Q&A session to start.

Are they excited for the DKFC and to be performing alongside SNSD?
L mentioned that the group will do their best to show their talents and passion during the DKFC. Sungyeol and Sunggyu, who both admitted to being fans of SNSD also felt very grateful that they will be sharing the stage with the ladies.

K-Pop has had such influential around the world. What do you feel about it?
Infinite sees this influence as a good form of motivation. “We are proud that the influence of K-Pop has been great. As K-Pop stars ourselves, we are very proud to be part of it,” says Sunggyu.

As part of the Hallyu Wave, what is Infinite’s future plans?
Woohyun mentions that they want to continue meeting their fans across Asia and bring them good songs and performances. Besides that, Sunggyu also added that they are currently working hard for their next album.

Woohyun answering questions from the floor and gamely performed the “Scorpion” move when asked which was their favourite choreography from all their dances.

Finally, although both Hoya and Dongwoo were not able to attend the press conference due to promotional activities for Infinite H, a fan managed to squeeze in a last-minute question regarding Hoya’s acting.

Hoya received pretty stellar reviews for his role in “Reply 1997”. What do the members think about it?
The role that Hoya played in the drama is very affectionate, which is actually somewhat similar to his character in real life. Other than that, the members are pleasantly surprised of his acting and are very proud of the performance he has given.

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