[Exclusive] LUNAFLY talks about Malaysia, Music and Personal Dreams

Hi K-popped! readers, we got a chance to pick the brains of talented rookie trio LUNAFLY, so check out our exclusive interview with the guys!

If you are wondering who they are, LUNAFLY is a multi-talented, multi-national and multi-lingual live band under Nega Network. The trio defies the typical boyband stereotype. Why? It’s because these guys write their own music, play their own instruments, and sing their own songs.

The members in LUNAFLY are: British-Korean composer, Sam Carter (26), acoustic guitarist Yun (19), and piano/bass/percussionist Teo (20). All of them are vocalists as well. The guys debuted in September 2012 with the title song How Nice Would It Be.

Let’s get to know them better, shall we?


How did you come up with the band name?

We came up with the name LUNAFLY while looking up at the sky after rehearsal one night. Luna means ‘moon’ in Latin. And we realised that when we look at the moon, we all experience different feelings and emotions. For example, the feeling of sadness or loneliness at night, or the feeling of being excited etc. We want to become a band ,who as messengers from the moon, can express all the different emotions and feelings of the moon with our music.

How long did you prepare before debut? And what distinguishes LUNAFLY from the other rookie groups?

We spent around 6 months together getting ready for our debut. One major point would be that we write and co-produce our own music. We also all play instruments and are all main vocalists.

What’s your songwriting process like and how do you get the inspiration to write songs and lyrics?

The process differs for each song that we write…but we usually come up with a general mood and chord progression first. We then all come up with vocal melodies and an instrument arrangement to fit the chord progression. In regards to lyrics, we take inspiration from events that have happened in our lives. We try to be as honest and truthful as possible in our songs.


Who has influenced your music?

Sam: Being born and raised in London means that I have been influenced by British artists such as The Beatles and James Morrison. I also look up to producers like Timbaland, Will.i.am and Mark Ronson who inspire me in song making and producing.

Teo: Jamie Cullum has influenced me in music. I originally started playing jazz when learning the piano, so he was a huge influence.

Yun: My musical style has been influenced a lot by John Mayer. Like him I played guitar and sang from a young age.

Which musical direction did you take for this album? Or what kind of direction do you have fundamentally?

A : We don’t have a specific musical direction that we have decided on. We tend to play a lot of acoustic music but we are experimenting a lot with different sounds and instruments. Our next album will be very different from our past releases.

Are there any Kpop idols you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Sam: I would very much like to collaborate with Tablo, BoA and also our labelmates the Brown Eyed Girls.

Teo: I would like to collaborate with YoonA from Girls Generation.

Yun: I would like to collaborate with TaeYeon from Girls Generation.


Describe the band in THREE (3) words.

Fun, hardworking and different.

What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received from a fan?

Teo once received a doll which would make a strange laughing noise when touched. It sometimes laughs by itself while we are sleeping which is scary!

How do you feel about being known overseas?

It is obviously an amazing feeling to be known overseas. It makes us want to work harder in continuing to produce music in English as well as Korean (plus some other languages if possible), to please our overseas fans.


If there is one thing that you can change about yourselves, what would it be?

Sam: I wish that I could learn languages quicker to talk to our fans all over the world.

Teo: I want to be more serious like Yun.

Yun: I would want to be more fun like Teo.

IF you come to Malaysia, what will you be looking forward to?

Sam: I am most looking forward to meeting our fans. We have received a lot of nice messages and gifts from our Malaysian fans, so I would like to go and say thank you face to face.

Teo: I heard the food is very spicy. So I am looking forward to tasting how spicy the food really is!

Yun: It is very cold in Korea right now so I am hoping Malaysia is a little warmer.

Tell us what is your personal dreams and plan as an individual.

Sam: My dream is to be able to continue to hold our own concerts for our fans worldwide for years to come. In the future I would also like to write songs and produce albums with artists that I admire.

Teo: I would like to host my own TV show.

Yun: I would like 100 people from every country in the world to gather in a huge arena and watch our concert.

Finally, check out the message the guys left specially for all K-popped! readers 🙂 (P/S: Thanks guys but we ain’t a magazine, we are a website :D)

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