2NE1 Fires Up the Crowd at Twin Towers @live 2013

March 23 will forever be etched in the memories of the huge crowd of Malaysian Blackjacks who turned up at the Twin Towers @live 2013 as it was the day 2NE1 took the stage for the first time on Malaysian soil!

2NE1: Saya Cinta Malaysia!!

After waiting for many hours (since some came as early as 5pm) the crowd was already exhausted when it was past 10pm. Then the emcees announced that the next group is a Korean group, and boy, though exhausted, the cheers and the screams from the crowd were deafening!!

Blackjacks gave another huge roar when the members of 2NE1 finally came onstage dressed in chic hip-hop style and started off their repertoire with their catchy first single ‘Fire’.

Before the crowd can ask for more, the energetic foursome continued with ‘Can’t Nobody’ and later stopped for a quick Q&A session with the emcees.

2NE1: “Our new album will be released this year!”

After addressing the crowd with “Apa Khabar?”, the girls said that they were happy as they finally got to meet their Malaysian fans. As expected, the crowd went wild!!

At the emcees’ prodding, they also confided that the next 2NE1 album will definitely be released this year!

Malaysian Blackjacks also prepared a surprise, as they brought a birthday cake to celebrate Park Bom’s birthday which falls on March 24. Now 2NE1 knows how much Malaysian Blackjacks love them!

Lonely’ was up next and the crowd sang along and swayed to the mid-tempo ballad. The crowd also sang along to the angsty ‘Ugly’, empathizing with the lyrics of the song.

Blackjacks: “2NE1 Saranghae!”

Before moving on to their last two songs, the members took turns saying “Saya cinta Malaysia” and when the emcees asked what the fans wanted to say to 2NE1, they replied “Saranghae!!” in unison, to the girls’ delight!

2NE1 then performed their hit ‘I Am The Best’ which probably had everyone singing and dancing along. I mean, who doesn’t know “Bomratatata tatatata….” right?

Saving the best for last, the group performed their latest single ‘I Love You’ to the screams of Blackjacks who emphasized on the song’s title to maximum effect! And CL’s vocals definitely blew us away!

With that, the girls said their last rounds of “Saya cinta Malaysia” in conclusion of their great performance.

2NE1 definitely came and rocked the stage that night, leaving Blackjacks craving for more. But judging from the satisfied faces and happy atmosphere after the show, one can definitely say that the short performance was a great success!

We will be waiting for your Malaysian solo concert no matter what, 2NE1!

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