U-KISS press conference at Twin Towers @Live 2013

U-KISS talked about Kiseop’s sexiness, being fans of the Backstreet Boys and their Malaysia fans at their brief press conference in The Hilton KL on March 22.

After a short introduction of the group, members of the media sang Happy Birthday to Eli and Soohyun who celebrated their birthdays a few days ago.

MULTI-LINGUAL: Between the seven of them, the guys are able to communicate in Korean, Japanese, Mandarin and English

Hostess of the event, Serena C, said: “Sometimes, I wonder what language to talk to you guys.”  That’s because the group has the ability to speak in English, Korean, Mandarin and Japanese.

U-KISS talked about their new album CollageHoon and Soohyun even burst into song and sang the ending of a new track More Painful than PainAJ and Eli followed suit with Party All the Time.

ATTENTIVE: U-KISS listens to their next question

Kiseop, who is known as the sexy member of the group, was asked about his sexy photos on Twitter. Hoon quickly pointed to Kiseop and said: “He’s a sexy guy.”

Kiseop explained that fans wanted to see his sexy photos, so that’s why he posted it online. Serena C then requested Kiseop to demonstrate his sexy dance moves. He obliged, so AJ beat-boxed while he busted out some moves.

U-Kiss were also pretty excited with the fact that the Backstreet Boys  are also performing at the Twin Towers @Live 2013. The guys are fans.

Eli said: “Before we debuted, we practiced their songs a lot, maybe in the future we can go to the States and collaborate with them.”

Kevin added: “We are very big fans of the Backstreet Boys.”

When asked about Kiss Mes in Malaysia, the guys simply said: “Malaysian fans are beautiful and energetic.”


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