Choi Siwon in Malaysia for LINE

Choi Siwon of Super Junior was in Malaysia on April 12 to unveil his TV Commercial for the LINE messaging service in a press conference, held in Aloft Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

At the press conference, hosted by Baki Zainal, Siwon impressed the media with his ability to speak a mixture of English and Korean.  He talked about shooting the TV commercial, his avatar in LINE Play and why LINE messenger is special. Check out his answers below:

Tell us about the TV commercial

I came in after Super Show 5, and I was very nervous because I was exhausted, that’s why I was very worried.  But I was very glad there were so many Malaysian fans and they gave me strength, which makes me feel really great.  

Even though Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multi-racial country, Malaysians live in harmony.


Siwon with Lee Jinwoo, General Manager of Global LINE Business Office (and LINE’s cute characters, L-R: Brown and Cony)

What do you like best about LINE?

I really like the stickers, it has a lot of expressions and emotions.

LINE’s original sticker characters, L-R: Brown, Cony, Moon and James


Which character do you like the most?

My favourite is actually James, because he is very special.


Siwon’s room and avatar in LINE Play (Do you think it looks like Siwon?)  – with a guest

You also have an avatar in LINE Play, what is the concept?

He’s very handsome right? (talking about the avatar).  The concept is a spy concept.  Honestly, my house looks almost the same.  Actually I like a simple style (Baki: That’s why you’re Mr. Simple?), yeah, maybe, also Sexy, Free and Single or, Naughty, Free and Single 🙂  

Siwon’s diary entry in LINE Play


Check out the TV commercial, shot in Malaysia

Don’t have LINE Play yet?  Download the application and visit Siwon’s house!

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Photos by Arina Abdul Rashid and LINE

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