TVXQ Live in Malaysia Press Conference “Sorry For Making the Fans Wait for 6 Years”

It was a hot day in Kuala Lumpur that day, but the temperature in the Topaz Room of The Saujana Hotel was even hotter as two men decked in black suits entered the room, garnering cheers from the members of the media and a few lucky winners of the TVXQ! Catch Me Live World Tour in Malaysia Press Conference.

Thank you fans for patiently waiting for us

Annyeonghaseyo, Apa khabar, we are the TVXQ! said the duo as they took the stage. Its been a long time since we’ve been in Malaysia and yet we received a very warm welcome, so I’d like to thank everyone and also to apologize for making the fans wait for us for a long time, we miss you, said Yunho.  

The Malaysian fans have been waiting for this day for 6 years as that was the last time the duo was here in Malaysia.  So imagine the anticipation from the fans.  Some waited at the airport, and some even waited at the lobby of the hotel just to get a glimpse of the handsome duo. We expect to be very intimate with the fans, thus everything from the stage layout has been specially built so that we get closer to the audience. I hope to get more interaction and eye contact with the fans while performing, chimes Changmin.

Changmin was all smile even though he looked tired

When asked about what they plan to do in Malaysia, Changmin said We arrived last night and have to leave for Seoul right after the show, so I’m sad about that. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to look around and get more good memories next time. Yunho added Usually during the tour, we get to stay in a hotel, but this time around, we get to stay in a resort, which is a good place, so hopefully for the next visit we’ll get to stay at a resort again. 

So do you like the sun? Sunny and hot weather? asked the host. Its very hot, but I like it said Yunho. With this, the host suggested Yunho to go to the pool, in which Yunho smiled and said politely if he has time since he has to leave right after the show.

Aku cinta padamu 🙂

While on tour to many different countries, they must have encountered different cultures along the way, the host asked whether they have prepared something special for the Malaysian fans. The concept of the tour is more or less the same for every country, but I’ll show my personal talent, so it’ll be fun said Yunho. Yunho also added that The Malay language sounds nice so I would probably speak a bit more Malay at the show. The host then playfully asked if he would like to learn how to say I Love You in Malay, to this Yunho said Of course and directly said Aku Cinta Padamu (I love you in Malay) , which made the whole room swoon, fuuh..

Being as famous as TVXQ must be tiring, so what does Yunho do when they have free time? I don’t really have a lot of free time, but when I do, I like to play bowling and since summer is coming, I would like to try marine sports such as scuba diving, said Yunho.

TVXQ is also one of the leading K-pop fashion icons, and Yunho was asked about his airport fashion which always draw a lot of attention. I don’t think that I’m living the airport fashion, as I just discuss with the staff on what to wear. Thank you to everyone who made me look good.  I like to wear sandals and if I get the chance to showcase the sandal fashion, I’d love to.

Before ending the press conference, Changmin once again apologized for making the fans wait for 6 years and promised a spectacular performance at the concert. There will be a mix of new songs and old songs that will bring you back in time, and hope it will be a memorable and enjoyable performance to each and every one of the fans.

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