A 3 hour fan sign event? Nothing that Sparta Kooks can’t handle~



If you are a fan of the Running Man variety show, you would know what this means.. the Running Man members would all RUN and HIDE from Kim Jong Kook or otherwise known as Sparta Kooks and 호랑이 (which means Tiger in Korean) upon hearing that he is nearby. Apart from his tough character in the popular variety show, Kim Jong Kook is actually a sweetheart, melting many hearts at a recent showcase and fan meet in Malaysia.

The second week of June 2013 was truly memorable for the fans of Kim Jong Kook. A successful showcase at HGH Convention Centre on June 14 in which he performed and played with the fans, then a public fan signing event the day after at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya.

The event was scheduled at 2 pm, but fans have been waiting since early in the morning to guarantee a closer spot to the stage.  Fans were seen wearing shirts with name tags bearing Kim Jong Kook’s name, their own name and even the name of other members of Running Man! There were also fans who wore bells tied to their shoes (a hunter in Running Man would wear a bell to warn the hunted that they are close by)!

Look at that smile

At 2 pm, the host for the day announced that Kim Jong Kook was already in the building and heading towards the atrium.  Upon hearing this, shrills of screams were heard throughout the area, making curious passerby’s to stop and join the crowd to look at what was happening.  The fans did not have to wait any longer as Kim Jong Kook arrived, dressed in simple striped blue shirt, shorts, a pair of shades and a big smile. *more screams* 

Even though there’s a translator present, Kim Jong Kook answered all questions in English

“I just want to say how excited I am to be here with you guys and hope you will have a great time with me, thank you” said a rather shocked Kim Jong Kook.  He looked surprise that many turned up for the event.

When asked whether he has tried any Malaysian delicacies, he was delighted to say that he enjoyed Nasi Lemak very much! – well Kim Jong Kook, if you love Nasi Lemak, come and visit us more often 😉

A fan with Gary’s (one of the Running Man members) name tag

After the short introduction, the main event starts in which autograph pass holders get to meet Kim Jong Kook personally and receive a personalized signed poster of the man himself.  Though he suffered a  minor injury during shooting, Kim Jong Kook proved that he is truly a SPARTA when the fan signing event lasted for over 3 hours without any breaks in between.  During the whole event, he would look up and wave to the fans whenever his name was called, truly showcasing his charm and melting hearts with his beautiful smile.

Any last message to the fans? I’m sorry for keeping you waiting and thank you for coming. I’ll bring the rest of my members here soon! – a promise from Kim Jong Kook before wrapping up the event.

One of the many fan service from Kim Jong Kook – a multitask-er!

Running Man Sparta Kim Jong Kook First Showcase and Fan Sign 2013 was brought to you by  New Pro-Star Sdn.Bhd, PMP Entertainment and Running into The Sun.


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