[Exclusive] Meet the New Rookie Group, LC9

Hello K-popped! readers. We got a chance to interview  LC9, the much-anticipated rookie of this year, so check out our exclusive interviews with the guys.

Wondering who they are? LC9 (stands for League of Competitions #9) is a new group under Nega Network which was dubbed as the Brown Eyed Boys. They debuted in May 2013 with an album entitled “Skirmish”. The members of LC9 are : RASA, 24 (Leader-Vocal Rapper), E.Den, 22 (Rapper-Dancer), J-Hyo, 21 (Vocal-Rapper ), King, 20 (Main Vocalist), Jun, 19 (Vocalist) and  AO, 17 (Vocalist-Maknae).

Lets get to know them better, shall we?


How did you come up with the group name?

RASA: We didn’t, the company did. But it stands for League of Competitions.

How long did you prepare before your debut? And what distinguishes LC9 from the other rookie groups?

J-HYO: All of us had different lengths of preparation period. It ranges from 2-6 years. I think we’re a bit different than other groups because we are very free on stage.

What is the concept for your first mini album? And why is it called Skirmish?

E.DEN: The concept is supposed to be fun and free. And it’s called Skirmish because it’s our first small taste of battle in the Kpop industry.


Skirmish, LC9 debut album


Most of you have unique stage name. How did you decide on your stage names and how long will you use your stage names?

KING: Our stage names were given to us by our company. All of us have different reasons for each of our name but I think that we will keep using our stage names for as long as we stay active as a group.

How does it feel when fans label you guys as the male version of Brown Eyed Girls?

JUN: We’re very honored but burdened at the same time. Because the name “Brown Eyed” comes with a certain level of expectation.

Where do you want to perform aside from Korea?

AO: We literally want to perform anywhere and everywhere. We want to perform anywhere there is a stage.

Among the members, who is the manliest, the cutest and the most popular among girls? (choose only 1 member).

RASA: The manliest member is E.den for sure, the cutest is AO, and the most popular amongst girls is a bit hard to answer because it differs from age groups…but it would probably be Jun.



To King: You have unique hairstyle. Is it your choice to have this hairstyle or did company decide it for your image?

KING: I wanted to try something unique but I didn’t know my hair would get this damaged. It is something the company decided but I agreed with it! T.T

What music genre do you want to do in the future?

RASA: We all want to do something different, but something along the lines of electronic and hip hop.

You guys fought a lot in Mama Beat MV.  Was it hard to film the MV?

J-HYO: We specifically trained for the MV for 4 months. The actual filming was also very tough, we sustained several minor injuries.

How do you guys see yourself in the next 5 years?

E.DEN: During the next 5 years,we plan to take strides in becoming world stars. We hope to perform on large stages worldwide like the Tokyo Dome.


Finally, check out the message the guys left specially for all K-popped! readers and Malaysia fans 🙂


And if you still haven’t, check out their rated-19 MV, MaMa Beat. We think its quite different from other music videos because of action scenes you feel like you’re watching a teen action movie. ^^


Credit to M.E Malaysia for arranging this interview.


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