I Hear Your Voice to premier on July, 3rd

After the big hit ‘Secret Garden’, Lee Jong Suk and Yoo Sang Hyun team up again for a new drama I Hear Your Voice. The highly-anticipated drama will premieres on 3 July 2013 on ONE HD.

What would it be like to hear the hearts and minds of others? It will be a great advantage in day-to-day life to find out what others can’t and know what others don’t, but it may scare you to learn the deepest secrets and darkest desires of each individual.

As much a gift as it is a curse, the supernatural ability to read people’s thoughts is the very intriguing premise of the new South Korean drama series I Hear Your Voice. The 16-part show has quickly gained popularity in Korea – by the 4th episode, the series is already the second highest rated show for nationwide audiences and holds the top spot among viewers in Seoul.

The chance is here for Asian audiences to find out just how such a telepathic ability helps to serve justice in the courtroom drama-cum romantic comedy with a fantasy twist that is I Hear Your Voice. The series begins with 9-year-old Park Soo-Ha (Lee Jong-Suk, Secret Garden) and his father whose car is hit by a truck driven by Min Joon-Kook (Jung Woong-In, Coffee House). Min checks on them and when his eyes meet Soo-Ha’s, the boy is suddenly able to hear the man’s thoughts, “I need to finish this.”

Min returns with a baseball bat to strike Soo-Ha’s father dead. When he turns to the hapless boy, a camera goes off and Min chases the photographer, saving Soo-Ha’s life. It turns out that the girl who took the picture is Jang Hye-Sung (Lee Bo-Young, Once Upon a Time) who then testifies in court despite Min’s threats, and lands him in prison. Through the trial, Soo-Ha falls for Hye-Sung and promises to protect her from Min who promises vengeance.

10 years on, Soo-Ha is doing well in high school with no one aware of his telepathic abilities. Meanwhile, Hye-Sung who is now practical, cautious and weary has just been appointed a public defender. She is working with cop-turned-lawyer Cha Gwan-woo (Yoon Sang-hyun, Secret Garden) who is cheerful, idealistic and rather silly. Together, they take on cases with no realistic chance of winning.

When Hye Sung’s appointment is reported in the papers and Soo-Ha is delighted to have finally tracked her down and sets about to help her in her work and protect her. At the same time, Min Joon-Kook who is soon to be released from prison also catches sight of the news… Soo-Ha, Hye-Sung and Gwan-woo will go on to form an unlikely trio that employs the most intriguing of means to solve their cases.

With its great viewership in South Korea, I Hear Your Voice is the latest success in ‘cross-genre’ drama that has been the viewing trend among Korean audiences, shared Kim Young Sup who helmed the production of the show. He even assured that the cast and crew would “do what it takes (for I Hear Your Voice) to beat any other (competing) show”.

With a compelling and out-of-the ordinary storyline, the latest South Korean TV hit I Hear Your Voice looks set to prove that even if justice may seem blind, she can still hear your voice, starting this July only on ONE.

I Hear Your Voice Premieres on 3 July 2013
Airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8.55pm (MY)
First and exclusively on ONE HD (Astro B.yond ch393)

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