Sungha Jung in Kuala Lumpur Press Conference

Guitar prodigy Jung Sungha is back to Malaysia again this year for his solo concert on June 22, 2013. Organized by The Guitar Store, the most talented young Korean Fingerstyle Guitarist met with members of media to talk about his tour, life, music and his new album.

Sungha Jung in Kuala Lumpur Press Conference 4
Young and talented Sungha Jung!

This is your third time in Malaysia. What do you think of Malaysia so far?

Sungha : I actually just arrived yesterday, so I don’t have time to walk around here yet. But I’m really excited to be here again and I can’t wait for the concert tonight.

For your concert tonight, do you prepare any surprises for your fans? Do you have something special for them?

Sungha : Because it is a surprise.. I cannot tell you. /laughs/ But yes, I do have something special for them.

You have collaborated with many local and foreign artists, who else would you like to collaborate with next?

Sungha : Yes, I had a concert with Jason Mraz before and also with a few Kpop musicians. There is a singer from Korea audition program called Superstar K and his name is Roy Kim. I met him at Jason Mraz’s concert actually. I want to collaborate with him in the future. And as for American artist, I would say Bruno Mars.

What is your favorite track from your latest album? Any story behind the song?

Sungha : My own composed song called ‘Nostalgia’, because of the ballad melody. I think everyone will like it. I don’t really have any story behind the song, the inspiration to make the song just came out when I was practicing guitar.

Paint It Acoustic, Sungha's latest album
Paint It Acoustic, Sungha’s latest album

Where do you get your inspirations from every time you composed a song?

Sungha : Ermm../hesitates for a while/ Because I’m still young in terms of age, so I think it’s hard to think about love or anything like other musicians. I don’t really have any inspirations from life or others, for me it usually just came out like that. (Indeed a genius guitarist)

Do you have any idol or role model do you look up to?

Sungha : There are a lot of guitarists that I can say.. but there is a guitarist called Tommy Emmanuel. He is a well known artist, a big name guitarist. I want to meet him someday. He’s touring a lot every year. It might sound crazy, but I really want to have a lot of tours around the world like him.

Do you have any plans for the US tour?

Sungha : Yes, next March.

You started with only via YouTube channel. Did you expect to achieve this kind of success?

Sungha : Actually it was my father who first uploaded my video. I was quite young back then, around 10 years old. I don’t even know what YouTube is at that time and how many people who have watched my video. Actually I didn’t expect that I will be a popular musician or to have a lot of people watching my video and then to like it. But, whenever I have concerts around the world, I’m still surprised that I have many fans.

Sungha Jung in Kuala Lumpur Press Conference 3
Sungha is only 17 this year!

Other than composing and collaborating with other artists, have you ever thought of singing your own composed songs as well?

Sungha : /laughs/ I don’t know what to say (after deep thinking). Erm.. I tried to learn and yes, I took vocal lesson but I don’t really have time to practice it. And I think, it will took some time for me to sing in the concert.

I saw your video with Jason Mraz before. You said he was the most fun artist to collaborate with. Is there any plan to perform in a bigger concert with Jason Mraz?

Sungha : Yes, I really want to meet him and finally I get the chance to meet him. It was really exciting to have a concert with him and it was a great opportunity for me. And yes, I hope so (to perform in a bigger concert with Jason Mraz). It will be an honor for me.

 Is there anything you want to tell all guitarists around the world that want to be like you.

Sungha : Now a lot of people are starting to learn guitar after watching my videos. I heard that a lot. (giving some thought) Erm.. I don’t really know what to say. /laughs/

How much has your music changed when you first composed your own song?

Sungha : It changed a lot! From the song arrangements, technical skills and all.. I think all of them changed a lot!.

Young and talented Sungha Jung!
Sungha pose with his ukulele

Can you share with us about your feelings after becoming the spokesperson for Gibson?

Sungha : I actually just started playing electric guitar just a year ago. It really is an honor for me to be sponsored by Gibson and I really appreciate their trust for me.

Do you normally have a band to practice with you? If you don’t have, do you wish to have that kind of band?

Sungha : Band? I don’t have any experiences playing with the band and I think it would be nice to have my own band and having a concert with my band. I have actually been asked question a lot, so I have been thinking a lot about it (having a band).

It looks like you are so dedicated to your guitars and ukulele. What do you do on your free time?

Sungha : I am actually kind of busy with a lot of tours in many countries, but I used to play basketball with my friends. And I’m actually home schooling, so I don’t have many time to meet my friends or hang out with them. But if I have free time at home, I just surf the web or something like that./laugh/


After the interview session, Jung Sungha had an autograph ceremony for The Guitar Store and he also performed a song with his ukulele for the media friends.

Thanks to The Guitar Store for inviting us!


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