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We bet most k-pop fans are familiar with LINE apps messenger. Early this year, Choi Siwon from the uber popular Korean boyband Super Junior had come to Malaysia to film for LINE advertisement. On 22nd July 2013, LINE launched Official Accounts for three Malaysian celebrities, Neelofa, Nazim Othman and Fizo Omar. The three new celebrities have also joined LINE’s new wave of popularity in Malaysia by starring in a series of the TV commercials.

Check out Siwon Press Conference photos here if you haven’t.

Let’s get to know more about LINE, shall we?

LINE is the world’s hottest mobile messaging platform, offers free text and voice messaging, voice calling and group chat with up to 100 people, integrated with various interactive elements such as Stickers, Home & Timeline and Official Accounts. Since its release in June 2011, the cross-platform mobile messenger has been releasing a series of add-on apps that range from games to an anti-virus app. Today, LINE has become a hot cultural icon with 200 million users in 230 countries. LINE has also held the coveted No. 1 spot in the ‘free apps’ category of app stores in 51 countries.

LINE PLUS Corporation is the world’s leading mobile platform innovator, is a joint-venture entity between NHN Corporation and LINE Corporation (former NHN Japan Corporation), newly organized in March 2013. As a global smartphone life platform provider, LINE PLUS services LINE and its family applications to bring together an innovative mobile messaging tool and new communication lifestyle. LINE PLUS Corporation is located in Seoul, Korea.

From left : Brown, Fizo Omar, Nazim Othman, Simeon Cho – General Manager of Global LINE Business, Neelofa and Cony

“The addition of the three new celebrities on Official Accounts is in line with our ambition to grow our user base in Malaysia and strengthen the emotional connection with users as we evolve to become a true Smartphone Life Platform. It represents a big part of LINE’s continuous efforts in delivering localised user experience, content and services to make LINE relevant to users not only from all over the world, but also in Malaysia,” says Simeon Cho, General Manager of Global LINE Business, LINE PLUS Corporation.

The first edition of the TV commercial features Neelofa and her sister Nabila, where the latter attempted to borrow a dress from Neelofa as they chat on LINE using Stickers, text and voice messaging. The other commercials captured Nazim and Fizo in action competing with each other on LINE Games.

Since the TV commercials premiered on local television channels on 12 July 2013, the messaging application tracked an increased daily download rate of over 200 percent in Malaysia. The rapid user growth bolsters LINE’s greater commitment to continuously roll out more localised and tailored features for Malaysian users.

Recently, LINE has released a set of eight (8) special limited edition Ramadhan stickers for Malaysians users in conjunction with the blessed Ramadhan fasting month and upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations.

Each sticker depicts global iconic LINE characters – Cony, Brown, Moon and Sally – in a fun and animated way as they perform a variety of traditional customs, including seeking forgiveness, salam with each other, serving ketupat and balik kampung. Apart from sending spiced-up mobile greetings on LINE, users are able to use the Ramadhan Stickers to decorate their photos on LINE Camera.

LINE has also extended its partnerships with local business entities to run the LINE’s Special Hari Raya Giveaway where LINE is giving away sampul duit raya (green envelopes) at various locations across Malaysia throughout the Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri season. These envelopes are available for free at BHPetrol stations, Chatime outlets, Chaswood chain of restaurants, Nokia outlets, as well as HotFM events.

On June, LINE has presented the localized stickers exclusively dedicated to Malaysian users based on a popular Malaysian animation icon, Upin & Ipin. Furthermore, LINE will continue to offer more fun and exciting features, in addition to carrying out more locally-tailored marketing campaigns to become an integral part of Malaysian users’ daily lives.

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If you have missed Siwon LINE advertisement, check out the video below

And here Malaysia version of LINE advertisement featuring Neelofa and Nazim Othman


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