Wonderful Performances by CUBE Entertainment Artistes at the AIA KPOP Live in KL 2013

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AIA KPOP Live in KL 2013, in conjunction with AIA’s 65th business year in Malaysia was a successful event indeed. Held at the Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, on June 27, three of the biggest Korean acts from CUBE EntertainmentG.Na, 4Minute and BEAST graced our shores and performed in front of over 12,000 AIA Malaysia employees, agency members, customers, business partners, media as well as K-POP fans.

At a press conference held before the concert, Bill Lisle, CEO of AIA Bhd said, “AIA has been privileged to do business in Malaysia for 65 years and this is something we do not take for granted. To celebrate this important milestone with the people who help us make a difference – our customers, employees, agency members and partners – we’ve brought a taste of Korea’s famous pop acts to Malaysia. The concert also provides the perfect opportunity for AIA Bhd. to connect with the younger generation.”

The event then went on with the introduction of the artistes performing that night, starting with the beautiful and sexy G.NA, energetic 4Minute, and the charismatic BEAST. Let’s read on the quick Q&A session with the artists.

What have you been up to following the promotion of the single ‘Oops,’ from your latest mini album?

At the moment I am getting my next album ready. I’ll be practicing, and I’ll be going overseas to visit places like Malaysia, and hopefully I’ll be able to visit other places as well to promote myself. My album is in the making, and hopefully that will be out soon.

1. Do you plan to visit Malaysia as part of your 2013 ‘Beautiful’ show tour, which begins in Seoul this July?

On July 20 we will be performing in Seoul for the ‘Beautiful Show’ tour, and we hope that we will have an opportunity to visit Malaysia in the future.

2. Doo-joon, Kikwang and Junhyung have tried their hand at acting for dramas. Hyunseung, Yoseob and Dongwoon, are you all also interested in acting?
If the opportunity arises, we would definitely be interested in acting. Having seen the other members do so well, the rest of us hope we may also achieve such success in acting.

1. How do you feel about your success on the Gaon chart in May?

The new song ‘What’s Your Name?’ was our comeback after a year. We were very nervous, but we’re happy that it has reached No. 1. We have a new release next week, which we hope everyone will love too.

2. Tell us about the dance theme of your new single ‘It’s Popping’ which will be released on the 28th of June.

The song will debut on June 28, and we request that our fans see for themselves when the song is released.

4Minute & BEAST
Are there any places in Malaysia that you wish to visit?

I heard that the beaches in Malaysia are very beautiful, so we hope we have enough time to visit one.

Malaysia is very stylish and fashionable, so hopefully we’ll find a chance to explore the city and do some shopping.

Later that night at 8pm, the concert starts with G.Na and she sure knows how to make the crowd go wild. She performed songs from her album such as Supa Solo, Banana, and First Kiss before showcasing her vocal prowess through a medley cover of Rihanna’s Take A Bow and Rude Boy. That’s not all, G.Na also performed her hit songs Top Girl, Black & White, and 2Hot. The fans were even more delighted when G.Na sang an English version of one of her hit songs, I Will Get Lost, You Go Your Way featuring Yong Junhyung of BEAST.

The second performer that night was 4Minute who continued to turn up the heat in the stadium when they came out and performed What’s Your Name.

Screams from not only fan boys but fan girls can be heard all around which proves that 4Minute does not only appeal to the male crowd, but to the females too.  They then performed the famous mirror dance in Mirror Mirror (거울아 거울아) and proceeds with I’m OK, Huh, Music, Pretend (모르는 척), Heart to Heart and Hot Issue.

The last performer for the night receives the loudest scream of all especially when the on stage screen shows the name BEAST.  The fans were screaming hysterically and 6 men came out on stage and performed the first song Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤).  They then continued with a strong performance of Bad Girl, and even though Kikwang had problem with a faulty mic, they handled the situation professionally.

After 2 hits back to back, they greeted the crowd and Junhyung said “We wanted to have as much fun with the crowd tonight”  which I’m sure they did! “We had a very good time in Malaysia every time and our very first fan meeting as BEAST was held in Malaysia” said Dongwoon. Despite the hot atmosphere, they manage to sing and dance energetically to Shock, Special and Fiction before slowing it down with On Rainy Days and their new ballad Will You Be Alright, composed by Junhyung and performed for the first time in front of fans.  

The performance then continued with I Knew It, Freeze and Beautiful with BEAST members running around playfully and giving out gifts to the fans.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as they closed the concert with an encore performance of V.I.U.  Doojoon ended up wet as the members all poured water on him making the fans laugh and enjoying the time with them.   We hope to see you guys again for another event, perhaps a Beautiful Show in Kuala Lumpur soon or a CUBE United Concert?

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Photo credits: AIA

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